• Bill Caine, Woodford Sports Editor

A Lady Jacket hits the gridiron

WCHS FRESHMAN MAKENZIE BURDINE is all smiles after the Jackets win over Rockcastle County Sept. 7 at Community Stadium. (Photo by Bill Caine)

For Woodford County High School freshman Makenzie Burdine, football has always been a passion. Her grandmother played football for Madison Central, and now Makenzie has earned a spot on the WCHS varsity team as a wing back and cornerback. "I enjoy playing the game because I love the physical nature of the sport," said Burdine. "I like being part of a team and football has always been a big part of me even though this is my first year playing. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan, and I enjoy watching NFL games. I knew deep inside that I always wanted to play the game, and I am so glad I decided to try out. " The game has opened Burdine's eyes to many new experiences, most noticeably how intense the competition is on the practice field and in games. "The hits are hard, and nobody holds back," said Burdine. "Everyone treats me like an equal. The guys are like big brothers to me, and they look out for me. But at the same time, they aren't going to let up on a block or hit." In her first season on the gridiron, Burdine has dreams that go beyond this season as she looks towards the future. "I want to become a kicker as well as learning my positions at wing and corner better." Burdine saw her first action during the first game of the season at Danville and got on the field again in the Jackets' win over Rockcastle County, Sept 9. A couple of weeks ago, she also received her share of snaps in the JV game. "She's just another player on the team”, said WCHS senior Ben Nash. "She comes out and competes hard and gives a good effort on the field. Anyone who comes out and tries their best is welcome on this team."

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