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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

September 16, 1897… Charlton Graves, of Versailles, went to Lexington Monday to enter Kentucky University.

James P. Chapman will shortly move his family into Versailles, having rented Mrs. Mattie Railey’s house on South Main Street.

Versailles defeated Nicholasville 7-4 to win two of three games and come away with the Temple Cup. This ended the local baseball season. Henry Martin and Lister Witherspoon left last week for Lexington, Virginia to enter Washington & Lee University.

Harry Gilmore, of near Versailles, has come to Midway to study dentistry in the office of Dr. Whitney Moore, and later will take a course at one of the dental colleges.

Marshal Stephens made a raid on a crap game Sunday afternoon and the offenders were assessed the usual fine in Judge Nave’s court.

Thomas Piatt, of near Paynes Depot, is buying up shorthorn cattle preparatory to stocking a ranch near Panhandle, Texas in the near future. Mr. Piatt will remove to Texas to live.

Work on Lock #7 on the Kentucky River near High Bridge is going on night and day and is expected to be completed by Oct. 1, when navigation above the lock will be opened for the first time.

Drilling for water at the J.W. Parrish place has resumed and the driller is at 225 feet and proposes to find water if he has to bore through to China.

Frederick Gebhard, of New York, has sent all of his stallions and broodmares to J.N. Camden Jr.’s Hartland Stud, near Versailles. They include the famous stallion, St. Saviour, and the less known but beautifully bred stallion, Owas, and a large number of fine broodmares.

Lucas Brodhead, manager of Woodburn Farm and an authority on shorthorns, says that the advance in price on this breed in the past six months is the most remarkable he has seen. It may be remembered that Woodburn Farm once paid $18,000 for a shorthorn bull.

September 11, 1919… The Midway speed limit for motor vehicles was fixed this week at 12 mph, with 8 mph at street intersections.

Hugh Barton, 75, died Sept. 3 at his home near Spring Station of a stroke. He was a respected farmer and had lived in Woodford for about 40 years. He is survived by his wife, six daughters and five sons.

Paschal Lacefield received a permit to erect a cottage on South Winter Street and W.C. Morris got permission to erect a barn and silo on a lot near the railroads.

Mrs. Jennie Clarke opened school at Woodburn Monday with an attendance of 35.

The Midway Garage, located on Bruen Street in a building formerly used as a livery stable, is ready for business and boasts a fine display room for the Oakland motor car and a visable measure gasoline dispenser.

Mrs. Lucas Brodhead and Misses Tevis and Anne Camden, daughters of former U.S. Senator J. N. Camden, will make a world tour and will sail from San Francisco on Oct. 18. They will visit Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Manchuria, China, Philippines, Straits Settlements, Java, Burma, Indie, Ceylon and France.

Marshal E.A. Osborne arrested six of eight escapees from the Greendale School of Reform on Tuesday and captured three girls last week.

James S. McDonald sold his house on High Street to Mrs. Susan B. Ditto for $5,000.

Mrs. Celia L. Pelosi sold a house on Douglas Avenue to L. Wiley Edwards for $1,500.

Mrs. Susan B. Ditto sold 487 acres at Brookie’s Crossroads to R.S. Gaines for $53,500.

Col. E.H. Taylor Jr. lost a huge show barn on the Hereford Farm by fire Friday. The loss is about $15,000 and is the third barn he has lost this way in the last two years.

The Versailles Oil Company, of Lincoln County, has now brought in five producing wells. There are between 15 and 20 Versailles stockholders in this group.

D.W. Slaughter, manager of the Woodford Hotel prior to its purchase by George H. Smith, has taken his family to Springfield for an extended visit.

September 12, 1941… C1asses began at the K.F.O.S. on Sept. 12 with an enrollment of 229 expected.

A marriage license was issued in early September to John Elbert Maddox, 29, Midway druggist, and Miss Natalie Wade Henton, 23, of Versailles.

The Woodford Selective Service Board has reclassified all men over the age of 28 to the new designation of 1-H.

Jack Noel, son of M/M J. Robert Noel, has returned from Owenton and will attend school at Midway, where he will be a member of the junior class. He will stay with his grandparents, M/M Robert Tyler Maddox.

The Rev. Ronald C. Lorimer, new pastor of the Midway Christian Church, will be honored at a Union service on Sept. 15. The Rev. Mr. Lorimer is the son of a Christian minister and comes to Midway from two part-time churches in Shelby and Mercer counties. He was ordained in June 1940.

Paul Noel, Midway High basketball star, has been invited by Frank Lane, of the Cincinnati Reds farm system, to be present Sunday in Cincinnati for a baseball tryout.

Manager Harold Sanderson announced that Midway would play the strong Little Texas team in baseball on the 15th. Little Texas has beaten nearly every team except Bill Crain’s undefeated Versailles team, which beat them by 13-5. Midway, with Sanderson and Paul Noel doing the pitching, defeated Faywood Mill 8-7 on the 8th at Nugent’s Crossroads.

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