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Water damages Falling Springs center

SIGNIFICANT WATER DAMAGE was caused by a valve failure at the Falling Springs Arts and Recreation Center. “It was essentially raining in the building,” said Rich Pictor, executive director of Versailles-Woodford County Parks and Recreation. A video on the center’s Facebook page shows what Pictor saw when he went into the building last Friday morning. (Photo submitted)

A valve failure caused significant water damage to the locker room and indoor pool areas of the Falling Springs Arts and Recreation Center last week, according the executive director of Versailles-Woodford County Parks and Recreation.

Rich Pictor said a rusted pressure test valve for the building’s air conditioning/handling system failed sometime late Thursday night, Sept. 6, or early Friday morning, Sept. 7. “That blew off,” he said of the valve, “and it essentially looked like a fire hose spraying out of that.”

Water cooled in the close-looped system found its way to various locations of the building, he added.

Pictor said fortunately, water did not cause any damage to the building’s fitness room or equipment, gyms and track.

The locker rooms reopened Tuesday, but there will be time periods over the next week or two when one or both locker rooms will need to be closed while drywall and ceiling tiles are being replaced, Pictor said.

He said a staff member informed him Friday morning at about 4:45 that there was “a pretty significant leak” in the building.

“It was essentially raining in the building,” said Pictor. Water damage occurred in both locker rooms, the indoor swimming area and aquatic offices, he said.

The county’s insurance provider, KACo, was on site by 9 a.m. Friday, working with ServPro to assess the water damage and begin cleaning up and drying out the building. Large fans and dehumidifiers were used this past weekend, Pictor said.

“In some cases,” he explained, “they (ServPro) cut holes in the drywall and then ran the fans up there to dry out the dry wall so it could be saved and not have to be completely torn out.”

Falling Springs was not able to open last Friday because of cleanup efforts and a lack of air conditioning, but did reopen Saturday morning, Pictor said.

The indoor pool reopened Monday afternoon, but with an alternate outdoor access because of water damage. Two employees in the aquatic offices were still displaced Tuesday afternoon, he said.

The cost of replacing drywall, ceiling tiles and any damaged furniture as well as cleanup efforts are covered by insurance, said Pictor. He said other pressure test valves in the building will be replaced as a preventive measure.

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