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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

September 25, 1919… Steady rains throughout Woodford County last week broke a five-week drought but came too late to help many of the growing crops.

Expert opinion has it that the Lexington tobacco market will equal last year’s market and dispose of between 50 million and 55 million pounds of burley this year. Excess production is expected to make up for inferior tobacco and a scarcity of extra good crops. Many fields will not average 200 to 300 pounds per acre.

Henry Vandeventer, 60, Millville merchant and former Midway resident, was killed Thursday when he walked into an airplane and was struck by the propeller, which he had failed to notice. The airplane, property of Guthrie Clark, had been injured by Sen. Camden’s cows and had been removed to Millville for repairs. Burial was in the Midway Cemetery next to his wife, who died about six weeks ago.

Eleanor Brown, 4, daughter of M/M John G. Brown, was bitten by a shepherd dog Saturday at the home of James W. Parker. The Brown family was staying there during the absence of the Parker family and the child had attempted to pet the dog. The dog, unaccustomed to children, bit the child severely on the cheek.

September 26, 1941… Ben Roach, of Midway, completed his second year of medical school at Duke University in June and joined 5,400 other medical students in the nation in taking the National Board Examination. Mr. Roach ranked 61st among the 5,400. He leaves Midway Oct. 1 to begin his third year at Duke.

The Blue Grass Clipper is handicapped in securing news due to the fact that a very small percentage of householders in Midway have telephones. This week, desiring to do an article on one of the leading organizations in the community, the editor learned that the president has no phone; the secretary has no phone; the publicity director has no phone, etc. The extremely high telephone rental cost prevailing in Midway was cited as the reason so many are doing without this secondary necessity.

The Midway baseball team defeated Faywood 31-10 on Sept. 22, with Fisher and Raisor as the battery and Lester Sergent the hitting star with a bases loaded home run. A return match with Little Texas is scheduled for the 29th and Midway, trounced in the previous meeting of the clubs, has added three new players.

E.L. Davis, prominent Midway citizen, died Sept. 25 following an illness of several years. A farmer, horseman and realtor, Mr. Davis developed the famous Rookwood hams in 1912 and established a national reputation over the years. On one occasion, he entertained Will Rogers for breakfast. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and served several terms on the local school board. Burial was in the Lexington Cemetery.

John William McDaniel, of Cogartown, volunteered for the army, was examined and accepted Sept. 12 and departed eight days later for Camp Wallace, Texas.

M/M Leonard Semones and family have moved to McKee’s Crossroads.

The following five Woodford men have been called to army service and will leave in mid-October: Rutherford B. Edwards, 22; William Jones, 26; Carlisle Vance Dozier, 22; Henry Carl Jr., 23; and William Higgins, 19.

Midway and Versailles will return to central standard time on Sept. 28, having been on daylight saving time since May 19.

Karl Jefferson, 21, enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserves this week. A graduate of Midway High, he is the brother of Ernest Jefferson, professional baseball pitcher.

Editor Dan Bowmar, in his Woodford Sun column, “First One Thing Then Another”, expressed his gratitude to good friends who wrote, called, and sent flowers after reading in the daily press that he had suffered a stroke. He says the report of his stroke, was greatly exaggerated, to say the least. A case of intestinal poisoning from a bad tooth had caused him to faint and topple over. After 24 hours of care from Mrs. Talbott and the nurses at Woodford Memorial Hospital, he returned home and was back in harness at the Sun on Monday. He hopes that his friends realize that he was not trying to gain sympathy “under false pretenses.”

Private James Baker, son of M/M Keen Baker, is now participating in the extensive maneuvers being carried out in Louisiana. He expects to be discharged in December because of being over 28 years of age.

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