• John McGary, Woodford Sun News Editor

Here’s Johnny!

Six more weeks

As this is written, Election Day is six weeks away.

For the Sun news department (both of us), that means dozens more candidate Q & A’s to send out (hoping they’re received, filled out and returned), 36 candidate profiles to write (OK, not quite that many) and several new prematurely blond hairs on the heads of all Sun workers come Nov. 6.

We owe it to all candidates, and to you, our Dear Readers, and to the flag, and our forefathers and foremothers, and to our pets, to do our best.

It takes guts and a desire to serve and a bit of ego to run for office, though local office-seekers don’t typically face the sort of scrutiny faced by candidates for state and, especially federal office. (Anyone seen the ads in the Barr-McGrath race? Oh, you have? Eight-thousand of them? Yes, me, too.)

Meanwhile, candidates and their supporters are placing yard signs (prematurely until Oct. 1) and door knockers all across the county. Some are also knocking on doors. A few weeks ago, one such candidate who will remain unnamed did so on my door. It had been a long day and I was missing at least a shirt and when I looked through the peephole, I couldn’t make out who it was.

Turns out it was someone I know fairly well, someone with a similar sense of humor who, when I asked, “Who is it?” responded, “A solicitor.” I told the solicitor I wasn’t interested, but his reaction was unusual. While I still couldn’t determine his identity, I did see him smile and walk back down the stairs. By this time I was curious enough to peer through my sliding glass penthouse patio doors and saw that it was someone I’ve known for years; someone who’s actually been inside my penthouse apartment. I donned a shirt and raced outside to explain that my peephole perspective was pretty poor.

He said that he thought it was funny when I refused to open the door, but also a bit hurtful. I will not disclose this candidate’s name, but I will say I appreciate office-seekers and office-holders with a good sense of humor. For that matter, I appreciate anyone with a good sense of humor – Dear Readers most of all.

Anyway, stay tuned, and if you see an increasingly gray-haired guy with a notebook in his hand and a worried look on his face limping across South Main Street in the next six weeks, please don’t run him over. He has important work to do.

Actually, lemme get back to you on that. I’ve had a few days lately in which a trip to the hospital with a broken leg might have seemed like a nice break from work.

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