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Letter to the Editor

Spectrum problems

Editor, The Sun:

Since Sunday last week, when Spectrum did their cable upgrade, our TV became blurred and unwatchable. I called Spectrum and they said that I needed to reboot my modem, which I did.

The picture cleared up. But, when I inspected the channels closer I realized we had a problem. Our channels are now out of Columbus, Ohio. We cannot get local channels via streaming with the Spectrum app. I called and complained again. They rebooted our modem with no effect. They then told us to exchange our modem for a newer one at the local office in Versailles. This we did. Upon turning the system back on, we still had Ohio stations.

I called again to complain. With this call, the representative could not resolve the problem and told me the Columbus server was the one we were assigned to. I asked for a supervisor, which she obtained for me.

After about three minutes of reviewing my complaint, he came back to report that I had no option and that they are not able to provide me with local channels. Well, this made me pretty mad needless to say.

When we went to the local Spectrum office (which usually has two or three people in it) there were over 10 people in there with similar complaints.

We have changed our provider from Spectrum as a result of this, which I hoped I would not have to do. I was paying them a monthly fee to have local stations. We are done with that at this point.

I really hope you check out this problem and Spectrum becomes the provider and service they brag about being.

Michael VanHoose


Editor’s note: Spectrum did not immediately respond to an inquiry about this problem.

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