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Sometimes the road of life can be a little bumpy. Just small bumps. But bumps nonetheless. So, the day before we were set to go on vacation to the beach at the end of July we had a small flood at our house. Oh, no, not from rainfall or a creek rising. A 9-year-old-child-in-the-house-trying-valiantly-and-helpfully-to-flush-a-water-to-the-brim-toilet-whilst-I-was-outside-mowing-kind. Sigh.

Eight minutes. Yes, eight minutes was all the time the water overflowed from upstairs, whilst of course I was not at home, but instead mowing the neighbor’s yard at top speed before work. After leaping (gracefully) off the zero-turn mower (in mild panic mode) and opening the door from the garage into my mudroom and hallway the “little problem” my (bless her heart) nine-year-old had described was anything but. Water pouring from my canned lights, dogs standing in several inches of water in the laundry room (oh, the panic on their faces as they literally pointed at the water and said, “It wasn’t us, we didn’t do this. Help. Get us out of here… this is bad, really bad isn’t it?”). Their reaction possibly stemmed from another laundry room incident a few years ago when my washer decided to bounce around the laundry room in the spin cycle. Arriving back from a dinner date, the dogs were again saying, “We didn’t do this. Uh no. Not us. It came alive. Help. Get us out of here.” Laundry rooms. Scary places. But I digress...

Switching off the water at the base of the toilet eventually stopped the flow, but by then, the bathroom was a mini-paddling pool, her bedroom carpet was squelchy, the canned lights in the kitchen ceiling transformed my (once quite lovely) kitchen into Niagara Falls, the laundry room was a paddling pool, and the basement was quickly becoming the indoor pool I thought I’d always wanted. I was thankful for my four kids and their two cousins who helped with the initial clean-up. Mama kept it together, but it made for a memorable summer, in addition to the storm damage and everyone getting poison oak… sigh… What doesn’t break us, makes us stronger, right?

Fast forward to September and finally my house is getting put back together. Shout outs to all who are helping put it back together. It really does take a village.

This week is “Refinishing the Hardwood Floors Week.” As I write, the soft dulcet tones of the monster floor sander are reverberating through the house and I am banned from walking on the floors for the next week. Now, I am a glass-is-half-full kind of girl, so I am looking ahead to the day when I move all the furniture back in and I (in a Joanna Gaines-esque way) am arranging green foliage in a white vase on the kitchen counter, as the smell of home-baked cookies drifts through the house and the sunlight glimmers off the fresh hardwood floors while my kids read happily in the den.

Oh, hang on, I was daydreaming.

But tonight I was wondering how the heck I was going to pull off picking the kids up from school, teaching two of them on their ponies, helping with homework, remembering to remind the kids to feed the hamsters, and cooking dinner in my non-existent kitchen – all without walking on the floors.

Then, as if in an answer to my – I like to call them popcorn – prayers (on account of the frequency I am always sending them up), Adele Dickerson from Midway Christian Church emailed to remind me about their free Community Dinner on the last Monday of every month.

She said, “We have done this for several years now and it is quite a ‘Midway thing’ with people from the whole community coming to visit and eat. Ouita Michel often leads the meal preparation team of volunteers from our church. During the Farmers’ Market season, we use produce from the local farmers to support our agrarian community and provide healthy, nutritious meals.” Sold!

So, tonight I ate at the Midway community dinner along with some 75 or so others. “This was a smaller crowd, maybe because of the rain but we usually get 100 or so,” said Dickerson.

Volunteers from Midway Christian Church start preparing the food around 4 p.m. This month’s fare was termed comfort food – a fall bounty of spaghetti squash with pasta and tomato sauce, butternut squash mac n’ cheese, delicious cornbread, salad, zucchini, a tomato and cucumber salad, the most amazing pumpkin soup I’ve ever tasted plus drinks and desserts. This was not your run-of-the-mill (ha ha!) typical church potluck – it was a bounty of amazingly-prepared, delicious-tasting, locally grown food. If you haven’t gone, you need to go!

And it was wonderful to meet more neighbors and friends!

It was quite an evening of enjoying great food, most of it grown locally, and sharing stories. “The lettuce is from Bluegrass Aquaphonics on Old Frankfort Pike, some of the cucumbers and tomatoes are from the community garden, and one of our local farmers’ market vendors gives us fresh, local produce too,” said Dickerson.

So, mark your calendars. The next time your house floods, or your kitchen is non-operational, or you simply want a good meal with the community of Midway, come join us on the last Monday of every month.

Midway Branch Library

Saturday morning was fun at the Midway Library branch. On The Move Art Studio came to the library for the Art Go-Round Event. “Two Woodford County music teachers, Erin Casimir from Northside and Sabrina Bowmer from Simmons plus two instructors from Falling Springs, Todd Renner and Ashleigh Woods, volunteered their time,” said librarian Stacy Thurman. Children could try different types of arts – visual, music and graphic design.

On The Move Art Studio is a nonprofit mobile art room created in a refurbished vintage trailer that travels to low-income neighborhoods to host free art events.

Midway University

Midway University will host its “Day for Midway” silent auction and celebration event on Thursday, Oct. 11, from 6 to 8 p.m. This annual event is a fun community gathering with three purposes – to raise funds for student scholarships, bring local members of the community to campus to highlight what’s happening, and to present the Community Spirit Award.

This year’s event will be held in the Piper Dining Hall inside the McManis Student Center. Live music will be provided by Bill and Leslie Penn and Grayson Vandegrift, with light appetizers and cocktails from local restaurants.

This is the fifth year for the Day for Midway. Each year local merchants and friends of the University donate more than 100 items for the silent auction to support student scholarships, and a noteworthy person or group receives the Community Spirit Award.

This year’s honoree is Lillie Cox, Woodford County Volunteer Group Chairperson. She’ll be recognized for her tireless work to make Woodford County a great community.

The event is free and open to the public. Anyone who plans to attend should RSVP to Chelly Edwards at cedwards@midway.edu or 846-5873. If your business would like to donate to the silent auction, contact Marsha Melville at mmelville@midway.edu or call 846-5878.

Midway Women’s Club

Midway Women’s Club held their first club meeting of the year Sept. 13, to discuss upcoming programs and several goals for the year. A new Historic Home Tour is planned for June, following the successful tour this past summer, which raised over $6,000 for the club.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, Oct. 4, at 7 p.m. in the clubhouse. The October program will focus on Kentucky history. The guest speaker is an esteemed writer and the official state historian of Kentucky, Dr. James Klotter. He will discuss “Henry Clay: The Man Who Would be President” and explore the reasons why Clay never became president and more. This meeting is open to the public.

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