• By Beth Oleson, Marketing Director

We’re not “the pound” – here’s why

There are a lot of different things to call a place like Woodford Humane, and we hear them all. The shelter, the adoption center, the humane society. We prefer the last one, obviously, but there’s one more that always makes us cringe - “the pound.” It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but there’s a lot of power in a name, and our pets need our name to work for them, not against them.

When you hear someone say “the pound,” a lot of images spring to mind. Dark, dirty spaces. Cramped cages. Sad animals. Sick animals.

Generally speaking, not a pleasant place to visit. No matter how much we might want to help an animal in need, the idea of spending time in a place like “the pound” pushes people away. It’s a sad place; a place where you might feel pressured to take home more animals than you can care for, or a place where you worry that every animal is short on time.

None of these things are true of Woodford Humane. We pride ourselves on keeping our facility clean and well-maintained, and we try to keep up a “homey” atmosphere that makes everyone who walks through our doors – people and pets – feel as comfortable as possible.

And it’s not just a veneer; our staff and volunteers work hard to keep our animals healthy, active and happy. Everybody gets plenty of exercise and love, every single day. None of our pets are living on borrowed time; we have no time limit on any pet in our care, and some have waited as long as four years to find their home. As long as we can keep them happy and healthy, they can wait here as long as it takes for their family to come along and take them home. Our placement rate is over 95 percent; that’s almost triple the national average. So you can see we’re not “the pound.” We’re something very different.

But here’s the kicker; none of that matters if someone thinks of “the pound,” and decides not to walk through the doors. And in a country where five to seven million animals become homeless every year, and only three to four million of them find homes, every person who decides to walk through the door – or not – makes a big difference. That’s the power of a name.

Got animal questions? Call the Woodford Humane Society at 859-873-5491 (just don’t call us “the pound”) or emailmanager@woodfordhumane.org; or stop by and check us out in person - we’re open Tuesday through Sunday at noon.

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