• John McGary, Woodford Sun New Editor

Why Woodford driver’s tests are a weekly affair

One of Woodford Circuit Clerk Christie Edward’s lesser known duties is overseeing the driver testing program, and Monday, she told the Sun that an increasing number of people are upset that the service is only offered once a week.

“We normally have one (Kentucky State Police) examiner… assigned to us, but the past three or four months, we have had a rotation of someone just filling in. They’re hoping that would get better and we would have one person designated for Woodford County, but that’s not been the case, so therefore, things have gotten kind of mixed up, by having different license examiners here,” Edwards said. “We just want to make sure people understand that the permit test and the skills test are both given by representatives from Kentucky State Police and they cover 120 counties, so based on our population, we’re only allowed to have one day a week here for testing.”

The written test for those seeking a permit is given Tuesday morning from 8:30 to 11, she said, with the road test that afternoon. People signing up for them must call the circuit clerk’s office on Tuesdays starting at 8.

“We will transfer the calls to (the state police officer) and he schedules their appointment for that afternoon based on the availability. If he is full, they will have to call back the next week,” Edwards said. “They do not schedule them out in advance because they’ve done that in the past and people don’t show, then there are vacant spots that could be given to someone else…”

The state police officer also administers the written test, Edwards said.

Permit-seekers are charged $12 when they pass the written test. Sixteen-year-old drivers must hold the permit for six months, then can call to schedule the road test appointment. If that is passed, they must wait another six months as an “intermediate licensed” driver, she said.

“Then you come in and get a full, unrestricted license, and that is generally between $12 and $20 – it depends on the time period. They prorate it,” Edwards said.

Motorcycle skills tests are given by appointment on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Calls to the circuit clerk’s office requesting permits and licenses are transferred to the state police, she said.

“They question why they can’t come in and make an appointment instead of calling, and the problem is if you have some people calling and some people coming in, then you’re going to have the confusion of, ‘Well, I was here. That call got put in before me, and I was here.’

So there was just too much confusion. So we just want to stress, you have to call to make that skills test appointment,” Edwards said.

To schedule an appointment, call the circuit clerk’s office (873-3711). To find out more about the various driver’s testing programs, you can visit www.kentuckystatepolice.org or www.drive.ky.gov.

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