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4-H National Youth Science Day experiment features coding

Contact: Torey Earle, extension specialist for science, engineering and technology Computers, tablets and smart phones have given us unprecedented access to technology. During the 2018 4-H National Youth Science Day, 4-Hers will learn about the computer science principles that drive these devices as part of the Code Your World experiment.

Since its formation, 4-H has been at the forefront of helping young people develop an appreciation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A study of the organization found that individuals who take part in 4-H are two times more likely to participate in programs related to STEM disciplines compared to their peers.

4-H National Youth Science Day promotes the organization’s science-related programming. Annually, during National 4-H week, millions of young Americans participate in the world’s largest youth-led science experiment. The official day is Oct. 1, but Kentucky 4-H clubs will conduct the experiment throughout the month.

During the experiment, 4-Hers can choose from four different activities. They can complete one or all four. The activities will allow young people to learn how to animate a name, write code for dance moves, discover the basics of artificial intelligence and map coloring. In the process, they will learn the basics of computer animation, algorithms, random number generation and pattern recognition. Young people will also learn about careers related to computer science. No past computer science experience is required to participate.

To find out more about your local 4-H National Youth Science Day experiment or how to get involved in STEM-related 4-H projects, contact the Woodford County Cooperative Extension Service.

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