• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Council discusses Midway Station access to Elkhorn Creek

The Midway City Council spent much of their Monday meeting discussing an offer that could bring a park and a path to Elkhorn Creek to Midway Station.

In the packet given to council members was an Aug. 27 letter from Homer Freeny, Jr. to the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission. The letter notes that a 137.61 acre tract of his farm on the northern boundary of Midway Station was recently added to the city’s urban service boundary and his recent option agreement with the Woodford Economic Development Authority (EDA) to request a zone change from agricultural to industrial.

“The EDA intends to market the property to future industrial users similar to the current tenants of Midway Station,” Freeny wrote. He wrote that he was making an offer that would enhance his property, Midway Station and the City of Midway.

“I would be willing to offer a dedicated right of way between my farm and Midway Station in exchange for access to McKinney Avenue (in Midway Station). …” Freeny wrote.

He wrote that he was willing to donate or sign a long-term lease at a nominal fee “for enough land for the City of Midway to create what I would hope would be public access to Elkhorn Creek for recreational use.”

Council Member Johnny Wilson joked that there was already access to Elkhorn Creek in the area – on the Scott County side. Vandegrift said he’d spoken to developer Dennis Anderson, who has an option to sell land at Midway Station, about Freeny’s offer. He said Anderson wants to see a development plan and more specifics.

The council also discussed a proposed zone change unanimously recommended by the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission on 73.314 acres from residential to light industrial. The council has final say on the matter, which involves land in the south and southwest portions of Midway Station.

“I think the timing for (the zone change) is because he’s got as many as three users on the line potentially, one of which, the most interested, which is under contract … could bring 32 jobs to Midway Station …” Vandegrift said.

Council Member Bruce Southworth said he didn’t believe residential zoning was going to work at the industrial park. Vandegrift said while Midway Station had been a boondoggle since its inception, it was now a place of prosperity.

Vandegrift said the unnamed company wishes to remain anonymous until the closing. The council could hold a special meeting next week for a first reading on the zone change.

Woodford County Barrel Project

Thoroughbred industry consultant Dan Rosenberg told the council about a public art proposal stemming from the ongoing “On The Table” series sponsored by the Woodford County Community Fund and Woodford Tomorrow. He said the project, which will feature chairs made from used bourbon barrels, was inspired by Lexington’s decorated horses of several years ago. Rosenberg said his team is seeking a grant from the Woodford Community Fund to help pay for the project, and there were already 12 sponsors on board. The barrels, one of which would be placed in front of Midway City Hall, would be displayed around the county from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, then auctioned off.

The council voted unanimously to donate $1,000 from the Streets Beautification line item to the project. Before the vote, Council Member

Sara Hicks joked about whether sponsoring the project would bring a distillery to Midway.

Midway in the movies

Vandegrift said on Wednesday, he’d give a tour of the city to makers of a Lifetime Channel romantic comedy movie called “Fall in Love” that will be shot in this city. The movie will feature the city’s name, rather than a fictional name, he said, adding that he didn’t anticipate traffic problems during the shoot.

Trick or Treat

The council voted unanimously to set Trick or Treat hours from 6 to 8 p.m. on Halloween night. Council Member Kaye Nita Gallagher, who owns a candy store, joked that the hours should instead be from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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