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Ethyle Noel running for Circuit Judge

The Committee to Elect Ethyle Noel announces her candidacy for Circuit Judge, Division I, 14th Judicial District, comprised of Woodford, Scott and Bourbon counties.

Ms. Noel has over 30 years’ experience practicing law and has spent the majority of her career in the civil courts. She also has experience in criminal appellate matters, making her aware of the appropriate way to conduct a criminal trial in order to avoid a conviction at trial being overturned on appeal. Our judicial system is designed to operate with a particular beauty, designed by our forefathers, and it is critical that we have judges who will limit themselves to applying the law to the cases before them, with a strict constructionist approach to constitutional matters. Ethyle believes judges should listen carefully and respectfully to both sides of a matter before forming an opinion, and she knows from personal experience that we need judges who will apply the law uniformly with an even hand.

She has a robust sense of right and wrong and is willing to take the time to truly serve you by making her courtroom a place where “justice for all” can really happen.

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