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Ryan candidate for Circuit Judge

Perry Ryan, previous resident of Versailles, is a candidate for Circuit Judge of Woodford, Scott, and Bourbon counties, Division 2. For the past 29 years, Ryan has been a prosecutor and a Kentucky Assistant Attorney General. He has handled over 1,600 cases in the Kentucky Supreme Court and the Kentucky Court of Appeals and over 100 cases in the federal courts, spanning all 120 counties. In 2017, the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council awarded him the Sonego Award for Excellence.

A former Kentucky certified teacher, Ryan joined the Kentucky Attorney General’s office in 1988. He has participated in several efforts to strengthen enforcement of Kentucky’s drunk driving laws. He has written two statutes adopted by the Kentucky General Assembly and currently serves as President of the Kentucky State Government Bar Association. He has authored nine copyrighted books, one of which has received national attention.

Ryan said, “A judge is not a prosecutor wearing a robe, nor is he a defense lawyer wearing a robe. Everyone deserves a fair review and a respectful judge. I am committed to researching the law to reach the correct result in every pleading before the court.”

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