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Karen Brock for school board

I am writing to announce that I am running for reelection for the Woodford County School Board for the 2nd district. I have learned a lot in my first term in office and would like to continue to grow and improve as I represent my constituents for a second term. The one thing I am most proud of during my first term was encouraging and voting for a much-needed pay raise for the employees of the school system. I will push for more, during my second term. I have continued to be a voice for all employees and feel like my unique perspective – I was a teacher at the High School for nine years – has helped me to evaluate my decisions with the needs of the students and employees as my highest priorities.

My first term as a board member has had many challenges. There were many meetings, presentations, trainings (12 hours of training are required each year – I have accumulated 103 hours in my four years) and decisions. I can’t wait to start my second term as I face new and different challenges, using the first term to help me make new decisions with an experienced perspective.

Clarification The Sun inadvertently left out Karen Brock’s candidate announcement, which she sent to us and should have run before Oct. 4.

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