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Letter to the Editor

Farm Bureau: Please vote!

Editor, The Sun:

In 2014, which was the last non-presidential general election year, fewer than 50 percent of Kentucky’s registered voters turned out to cast their ballots, yet the outcome of elections affect us all. Therefore, taking advantage of your right to vote is important in maintaining the meaning of democracy set forth by our Founding Fathers and to assure each of us has a voice in our government at all levels.

Nov. 6 is General Election Day in which numerous elections will be held in Kentucky. This includes several local seats, all 100 state House sea ts, 19 state Senate seats, and all six of Kentucky’s Congressional seats. As Kentuckians, it is our responsibility to know where each candidate stands on any given issue, and just as important to let them know where we stand on those matters that affect our communities and our state.

Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy and fundamental to our political system. Members of the Woodford County Farm Bureau hope every voter will make their voices heard by casting informed votes for our government leaders.

Your involvement will make a difference in the process. First, you must bring your issues to the front of the debate. Then, hold the candidates accountable by going to vote. The Woodford County Farm Bureau urges you to make an impact by voting in the Nov. 6 General Election!

Melissa Tomblin

Woodford County Farm Bureau President

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