• John McGary, Woodford Sun News Editor

Lexington police cruiser strikes parked car

A little after 8 Sunday morning, Matthew and Amanda Heacock heard a loud bang outside their home at 216 Paddock Drive.

Matthew Heacock said his wife was in the kitchen with their two young children and quickly walked outside to see their 2007 Jeep Liberty in their yard and a Lexington-Fayette County Police Department cruiser on the sidewalk. Both were badly damaged. Heacock said a neighbor across the street got to the officer as he was getting out of the car.

“The officer was wanting to like, just kind of stand. You could tell he was really woozy. His nose was bleeding and he looked concussed. He was definitely out of it,” Heacock said. “I overheard the police officer that struck my car tell the other (Versailles) police officer that he basically fell asleep, and when he woke up, he was there.”

According to the Versailles Police Department accident report, the driver was Brandon C. Collier, 26, who lives nearby. Lexington police say Collier is a member of their department. The report said Collier told police he was returning home from third shift and fell asleep.

Heacock said they asked Collier to sit down on their porch until Versailles police arrived a few minutes later. Soon after, Collier was taken to UK Chandler Hospital. Heacock said the Jeep, which was parked on their side of the street, had been struck by the cruiser and pushed into their yard.

“The Jeep moved probably 75 feet from the street…” Heacock said, and wondered, with a stop sign about 75 yards from their home, how the cruiser could bend the frame of their Jeep and likely total it.

“He probably blew the stop sign,” Heacock said. “I mean, we don’t know how fast he was going. Obviously, like, the black box will tell you that… The Jeep Liberty’s a pretty good-sized car. For him to hit it so hard to move that vehicle 50, 75 feet – it’s crazy to me,” Heacock said.

The police report does not mention the stop sign, and Versailles Police Chief Mike Murray told the Sun there were no witnesses to the accident.

Tuesday, a Lexington police spokesman said Collier suffered minor injuries and had been released from the hospital.

Tuesday, Heacock said he’d spoken to an adjustor for a company representing the Lexington-Fayette County Police Department, and that he’d submitted a bill for $7,500. That tally includes $5,750 to $6,000 for the Jeep, $400 for a digital camera inside the Jeep, and money for yard work and a new mailbox.

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