• Bill Caine, Woodford Sun Sports Editor

WCHS boys’ cross country places third at WCI, girls fifth

THE WCHS GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY TEAM placed fifth at the Woodford County Invitational Saturday Oct. 5 at Falling Springs. The Lady Jackets had an average time of 27:47.42. (Photo by Bill Caine)

The Woodford County High School cross country team hosted its annual invitational Saturday, Oct. 6 at the county park. Over 300 runners came from across the state to compete. The WCHS boys came away with a third-place finish and the Lady Jackets placed fifth. High School Boys' 5K The Jackets placed third with an average time of 19:22.83. Clay Thomas finished eighth (18:23.42), Kyle Holt was 11th (18:59.36), Abran Santos was 12th (19:09.56), Korry Blankenship was 17th (20:02.28), Jackson Moffett was 19th (20:19.54), Colin Charles was 20th (20:22.10), Jackson Gordon was 21st (20:22.76), Mitchell Scott was 27th (21:28.27), Scott Watson was 28th (21:30.37), Jack Shea was 29th (21:31.25), Ryan Hash was 34th (21:41.23), Jarom Bradshaw was 41st (22:44,43), Colin McGowan was 45th (23:37.39), Shaun Lavin was 46th (23:44.93), Nathan Hardee was 48th (26:48.10) and Jerry Creech was 50th (28:55.94). High School girls' 5K The Lady Jackets placed fifth with an average time of 27:47.42 Katie Gatewood finished 11th (24:19.60), Morgan Reynolds was 15th (25:33.44), Parker Robinson was 19th (27:37.09), Emma Hayes was 26th (29:41.98), Callie Gormely was 27th (31:44.97), Ashley Higdon was 29th (35:39.18) and Emily Jetton was 33rd (42:33.85). Middle School boys' 4K The Tigers finished fourth with an average time of 17:53.29. Landon Wettlaufer was 10th (15:52.33), Kai Shea was 23rd (17:33.37), Jase Crume was 29th (18:30.08), Jack Lehmkuhler was 30th (18:33.90), Delano Mullins was 35th (18:56.73), Grason Keith was 36th (18:57.70), Clay Holt was 39th (19:18.94), Griffin North was 41st (20:03.81), RJ Sumner was 42nd (20:30.76), Harrison Hamlin was 53rd (22:10.01) and Shai Scarboro was 68th (30:10.91). Middle School girls' 4K The Lady Tigers placed fifth with an average time of 19:46.00. Eva Kate Probus placed fourth (16:32.06), Evelyn Hamilton was 24th (19:08.04), Addison Moore was 26th (19:46.42), Lainey Banks was 27th (20:04.49), Julianna Knight was 61st (25:53.78), Sydney Williams was 72nd (27:54.97), Ashlynn Gampper was 73rd (28:00.91), Katherine Spellman was 75th (28:18.83) and Annabelle Crume was 80th (31:09.17). Boys’ 3K Jay Wells was 32nd (14:01.39), Wyatt Shea was 35th (14:08.56), Kyle Stickel was 41st (14:28.29) (14:31.21), Asiel Esau Lams was 48th (14:51.90), Drew Sumner was 63rd (15:50.52), Eugenio Langdoc was 66th (16:22.30), Andrew Scott was 67th (16:32.04), Chase Thurman was 76th (17:57.19), Christian Lay was 77th (17:57.40), Sean Williams was 81st (19:20.58). St. Leo results: Ian Griffin was 42nd, Sean Hayes was 60th (15:35.88) and Luke Higdon was 84th (19:52.80). Girls' 3K St. Leo School's Charla Gormley finished 25th (15:24.81). For Woodford, Gabby Gampper was 40th (16:21.14), Sara Joy Langdoc was 57th (18:20.02), Kendhyl Dewar was 59th (18:26.34) and Kenzie Crume was 73rd (24:51.64).

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