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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

October 21, 1897… A large throng of Democrats gathered at Collins Opera House in Midway Tuesday night to greet Congressman Evan Settle and Robert B. Franklin, party nominee for Commonwealth Attorney. The speaking began at 7 p.m. and Col. T.S. Forman introduced both men. Mr. Franklin spoke for an hour and a half and attacked the Republican administration in Frankfort. Mr. Settle followed with a two-hour speech. Both speakers were given close attention and were generously applauded.

Midway candidates for the November election are as follows: R.S. Starks for reelection as mayor and L.C. Lutes for police judge, will appear on the ballot under the Republican Log Cabin device; Matt Winn for mayor and W.J. Nave for police judge got on the ballot by petition and will appear under the horse device; J. L. Cogar for police judge; and W.G. Lehman, J.W. Pates, J.M. Wheeler, C.J. Weisenberger, M.D. Offutt and J.W. Brown, for councilmen, will run on the Law and Order ticket under a large X device.

Gus Jaubert has agreed to prepare his famous burgoo for the barbecue in Warren Viley’s woodland, scheduled to honor Sen. Henry L. Martin on Oct. 23.

J.T. Bailey and Andrew Wallace will open a new store in Versailles at the stand formerly occupied by H.M. Childers.

D.C. Terhune is now one of the state’s largest mule dealers and handles annually about 100 sugar mules and about 200 cotton mules.

A special train carrying 225 cadets from the Virginia Military Institute passed through Midway Saturday morning on their way to the Nashville Exposition, where they are to go into encampment for 10 days. The cadets were accompanied by a military band and were in high glee.

While boring an artesian well in Carlisle, natural gas was struck Friday at a depth of 300 feet. It was ignited and a blaze 25 feet high shot forth and beautifully illuminated the city for squares around. The citizens are much excited over the find and other wells will be sunk at once.

W.M. Shipp, the ex-cashier of the wrecked Deposit Bank of Midway, was taken to State Prison at Frankfort last Saturday to serve a two year sentence for making false entries. Many efforts on his behalf have failed to get him a pardon and his frail condition from having spent the past seven months in the jail at Versailles nearly wrecked his health. His wife sold their Midway home and moved to Versailles to be near him. Ex-assistant cashier Charles W. Stone, co-defendant with Mr. Shipp, fled from his home in Midway on the night of Shipp’s conviction and has not been heard of since. His bond of $750 was declared forfeited in Circuit Court.

Councilman James W. Miller has come out for mayor of Versailles against incumbent John H. McKenzie and a hot fight is anticipated. The present city council standing for reelection, with two exceptions, is composed of G.L. Macey, H.C. McLeod, J.W. Crenshaw, L.S. Young, M.J. Hughes and D.P. Robb. They are opposed by Thomas S. Edwards, Thomas Seller, J.S. Williams (first ward) and A.F. Steele, Nat Harris and W.B. Thompson (second ward). Police Judge James L. Bohannon is opposed by W.R. Proctor. The council fight is over the city treasurership and “high” or “low” retail liquor licenses. A unique feature is that two partners in business, Lewis S. Young and J.S. Williams, are rival candidates for the same office.

December 16, 1919… County Chairman Will Jesse announced that Gov. James D. Black will speak at the courthouse in Versailles on Oct. 18 on behalf of the Democratic ticket.

The Clipper editor, apparently aggrieved by his fellow citizens, says that from now on he will publish all the news which comes to his notice, no matter whom it helps or hurts. His previous policy has been to “not put it in the paper” when fellow citizens had run afoul of the law. He now thinks that policy was a mistake.

For the first six months of 1919, there were 27,142 births in Kentucky and 17,663 deaths. Leading cause of death was influenza, 4,356; tuberculosis, 2,010; pneumonia, 1,919; violence, 780; cancer, 572 and diarrhea, 548. Other causes, from 221 down to 1, were other types of tuberculosis, meningitis, measles, typhoid fever, whooping cough, diphtheria, puerperal septicemia, syphilis, pellagra, scarlet fever, malaria and hookworm.

Midway Ice & Coal Co. received a permit to build two sheds; J.S. Lehman received a permit to erect a lean-to workshop in the rear of

Midway Garage; and Sarah Jane Crittenden received a permit to erect a frame residence in Haydensville.

Mrs. Ella Combs moved this week to her new home in Georgetown.

Lt. and Mrs. William Mastin and daughter left Wednesday for Fort Sheridan, where he will report on Thursday. Lt. Mastin enjoyed a 30-day furlough with friends and relatives here.

The morning of the 13th saw a very slight frost in low places.

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