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So, the temperature in Midway on Sunday dropped from the 80s earlier in the week to a balmy 47 faster than a driver seeing a state trooper on the interstate. Not just that, but add in the rain and the breeze, and this all made for more challenging conditions than usual this year for the 9th annual Iron Horse Half Marathon – and now additional 12K. Runners and walkers were a little fewer than in years past, maybe due to the elements and the Bourbon Chase ran over the two days before the Iron Horse. There were several amazing runners that we met along the route who ran both! That’s some serious mileage – and dedication – to run some 30-plus miles over three consecutive days, with very little sleep or rest!

As promised, your eager columnist made the decision to run, only because once I say I’m going to do something, I rarely back out… and because I had convinced my trusty side-kick Megan to join me, so really could not let her down!

We have run many races together over the past seven to eight years, not all of them pretty. And we have bailed each other out and rallied and supported each other through many runs! If it were not for Megan, I definitely would have not trained as well for the London Marathon in 2016 or survived the 20-mile long runs; and she would agree, that if it were not for me joining in with her and running the last 7-8 miles of the Horse Capital Marathon in Lexington later that same year, that there might have been a very ugly ending, and definitely not hitting her target finishing time! Although, I think her husband Mark just gets faintly amused by our antics – this year, running resplendent in super hero costumes (I might add that there was only one other runner in the race in costume; he was bravely wearing wings). Megan was an elegant Batgirl and I her partner-in-(anti)crime as Wonder Woman!

It has to be said, it is quite fun running in a costume. There were cheers of “Go Wonder Woman! Go Batgirl” along the route from other runners and spectators, that it (almost) made us feel famous! It made the hills easier and the weather somewhat easier to deal with. Or maybe it was that Megan and I did talk for the duration of the entire 13-mile race, solve the world’s problems, discuss our kids’ schools, how we really should train for the next one, and even chat with other runners as we pulled up alongside.

We finished in a not-too-shabby 2 hours and 5 minutes, after almost zero training (yes, we did decide that it would be a better idea to train a bit for the next one) and running as we always do after lots of coffee and lots of laughs. Yes, running with a friend is infinitely better than running alone. I used to be much faster – but there is such a thing as the “loneliness of a long-distance runner” – nay, even short distance!

Your “friends” in your age group hate you when you are fast because you win! And 13.1 miles is 13.1 miles, no matter how fast or slow you run it!

Several Midway runners took part in the 13.1-mile Iron Horse: shout-outs to Mark White, James McCurn, Stacy Thurman, Joelle VanGuilder and Raylene Knight. Joelle actually won her age group in an amazing time! And in the 12K, our lone Midway representative was Pete Fisher, who actually finished ninth overall in his race!

Also, a big shout out to the Midway residents who accommodate the runners, the parking and the craziness, for a few hours on Sunday morning. And for the breakfast and coffee that the Midway Christian Church does every year for the runners and spectators. Y’all are amazing!

Some of the proceeds from the Iron Horse race do go towards the City of Midway. Mayor Grayson Vandegrift said, “In the past, we’ve received as much as $2,500. I don’t necessarily expect to receive that much this year, but we’ll know soon enough. That money will go back into our general fund and will most likely go towards street maintenance, unless City Council members have an idea of a specific project they’d like to see it go towards. I’d be open to hear their ideas. We are always very appreciative that the Iron Horse gives back to our community.”

In other news, the Midway candidate forum is today, Thursday, Oct. 18, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Midway University.

Also, the Midway Women’s Club Outdoor Halloween Decorating Contest is almost here. Judging will take place on Sunday, Oct. 21, starting at 7.30 p.m. Judges from the Midway Women’s Club will be driving the streets of Midway looking for the best Halloween-decorated homes and businesses. The Women’s Club suggests leaving your front porch lights or Halloween lights on from 6.30 p.m. that evening to show off your decorations.

There are several judging categories and no charge to enter your home or business in the contest! Winners will be announced in the Oct. 25 issue of the Woodford Sun.

Finally, curbside leaf collection will start in Midway on Monday, Oct. 22.

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