• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Concerns arise from Huntertown Facebook post

An Oct. 17 post on Huntertown Elementary’s Facebook page thanking Dani Bradley and the I Support Our Schools committee for providing lunch to the school’s staff has led to concerns that a photo of Bradley promoted her campaign for a seat on the Woodford County Board of Education.

The photo of Bradley with someone wearing an “Elect Dani Bradley shirt” and a link to her Facebook page was already removed from Huntertown’s Facebook page when schools Superintendent Scott Hawkins was contacted about the concern the following morning, he said.

“They coordinated the lunch for the staff,” said Hawkins, “to say … congratulations for being a National Blue Ribbon School.” It’s not uncommon for the district’s Facebook page to share a school’s post, which happened in this instance, he said.

The post was “definitely not meant to in anyway endorse anyone politically,” said Huntertown Elementary Principal Elaine Kaiser, who lives in Anderson County.

She said the post was a way to say thank you and nothing more.

“I did not think twice – and I should have – about what was on the person’s shirt. I was thinking more about these people were kind to our school and brought this (lunch) to our school to show their thank you. What was on the shirt did not even cross my mind until it was brought to my attention and I realized what was on the shirt and immediately took the post down,” said Kaiser.

Kaiser said a former Huntertown parent brought the concern to her attention in a Facebook message. “I did not physically create the link (to Bradley’s Facebook page),” she added.

Links on Facebook can automatically be created when a person’s name has been posted.

When asked if the post violated the district’s personnel policy on political activities, Hawkins said, “I don’t think so. Again, Ms. Bradley was mentioned (in the post) because she was the one that reached out to the school.”

He said another person coming into the school wearing a shirt with an “Elect Dani Bradley” shirt has a right to wear that shirt. “And it wasn’t Ms. Bradley who was wearing the shirt…,” he said. In her role on the I Support Our Schools Committee, Bradley and other parent volunteers supported a proposed facility tax to pay for a new high school. Voters did not support the 5.5 cent property tax hike during a June 26 special election.

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