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Here’s Johnny!

The county-wide edition

It’s that time of year again.

Assuming our list of addresses is correct and that the fine men and women of the U.S. Postal Service do their job, rain, sleet or, God forbid, snow, every Woodford County resident will receive this paper – including non-subscribers.

We call it our county-wide edition (though truth be told, every issue is available to everyone in the county, by subscription or newsstand). It’s a chance to show the good people of Woodford County what’s available every week in their community newspaper – and a bit extra.

Please allow me to brag on my co-workers, all of whom put in extra hours for this week’s issue, for a few hundred words.

In addition to his normal workload, Bob Vlach wrote a feature story on Owen Roberts, the Versailles city council member who’s been serving the city longer than some of his council peers have been alive. Bob also wrote the profiles on Lisa Johnson and U.S. Rep. Andy Barr and put together a fascinating feature story – with lots of photos – about political memorabilia collections. If I didn’t know better, I’d think there have been two Bobs here the past few weeks. (My suspicion grew one afternoon when I thought I saw him wearing a different shirt than he’d had on in the morning, but maybe I was just tired.)

Sports Editor Bill Caine did his usual bang-up job covering Woodford County sports and also chipped in with several homecoming photos you’ll see throughout the paper. Sports parents: Bill, like Bob, is only one person, and we don’t allow him to work 100 hours a week. Please understand that he can’t be in two places at once, and if he can’t make it to your child’s sporting event, it’s not because he doesn’t like him, or her, or you, for that matter.

Publisher Whit Chandler wrote an analysis and history of the 6th Congressional District, from which I learned plenty, and gathered dozens of old Sun political ads for a collage put together by ace layout man Patrick Dunham. (Patrick, thank you for allowing us to dump that in your lap rather late in the process.) You’ll find them in the Election section (B) of this issue.

Our ad ladies, Hope Selby and Jennifer Cardwell, have sold and prepared more advertisements this week than Carter has pills, and they’ve been preparing for this issue for months. Every time I began to feel overwhelmed, I’d talk to them and feel better for myself (and worse for them). They are super troopers, and without them, none of us would have a job.

Debra Mitchell did yeoman’s work with the classified section, and design editor Marla Carroll somehow managed to lay out a paper nearly three times as large as a typical issue without losing her good humor or sanity.

As for me, I hope you enjoy my profiles of Mayor Brian Traugott and Barr challenger Amy McGrath, the Midway candidate forum story (nice punch line at the end from a political newcomer) and perhaps even this column. Section C contains an interview with Kentucky journalism legend Al Cross about the importance and future of community newspapers like

The Woodford Sun. Al’s at most every Midway City Council meeting, and no longer makes my stomach hurt the way he did when he was a political reporter with the Louisville Courier-Journal and I was a young, eager and perhaps occasionally obnoxious flack for a Kentucky congressman. (That job paid better, but wasn’t nearly as much fun as this one, partly because I didn’t get a byline.)

I think what we do – informing and occasionally entertaining the good people of Woodford County – is important, not because it’s what I do for a living, but …

Well, a little bit for that reason.

Anyway, I hope we put our best feet forward this week, and that a few of you non-subscribers decide to remove that prefix.

Thanks, God bless, and see ‘ya next week.

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