• By Faye Kuosman, Extension Agent


Why late lawn seedings often fail We normally recommend that if you need to plant grass seed in your lawn, do it in September, but no later than Oct. 15. Though plantings later than Oct. 15 can be successful, the odds of success diminish as time passes. The problem with late plantings is not that the seed will not come up or that young grass plants are sensitive to cold. Most often, the problem is with rooting. Unless the young grass plants have a fairly extensive root system, the freezing and thawing that takes place during winter heaves plants out of the ground, and they dry out and die. Regardless of when planted, be sure the new lawn is kept watered through the fall if conditions are dry. The second best time to seed is mid-February through March. Plantings in the spring may struggle, depending on how hot and dry the following summer is. Irrigation during the following summer will likely be necessary to help spring plantings persist. For more information on your lawns, contact Faye at 859-873-4601.

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