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Letter to the Editor

‘Organic growth,’ downtown vision needed

Editor, The Sun:

I learned at the most recent Planning and Zoning meeting that affordable housing means housing costing three times one’s annual salary. In other words, if you make $50,000/year, a $150,000 house would be considered affordable.

We have all heard complaints that Versailles does not have enough affordable housing, but another perspective is that Versailles does not have enough $50,000 a year (and up) jobs, and if it did, our housing in Versailles would be considered more affordable, so the more $14/hr. jobs we bring here (translating to roughly $28,000/year), the more unaffordable housing we will have.

Many seem to think we need more subdivisions, so that there will be more people to work in our factories. And when that need is satisfied, we will then need more factories to provide jobs for the people in these subdivisions. And if you believe them, this sprawl must absolutely continue or we, as a town, will die!

When will it end? Will it end when Uniquely Woodford becomes Generally Lexington? How about another approach; how about growth that is organic? That is, the strengthening of what is already here and not skipping past the empty Kmart and Kroger lots to build more retail further from downtown, as is proposed. How about we focus on downtown to make it a destination? Start by declaring a mission and committing the resources to make Big Spring Park the best city park the state of Kentucky has seen. It can be done, but do we have that sort of vision?

Glen Graetz

Woodford County

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