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Woman’s Club provides ‘Coats and Shoes for Kids’

Students from all four elementary schools, middle and high schools, and Safe Harbor Academy each received a coat, a pair of shoes and three pairs of socks during Coats and Shoes for Kids.

The Woodford County Woman’s Club sponsors the annual program, which provides coats, shoes and socks to 200 students in Woodford County Public Schools.

Woman’s Club members, teachers and school administrators helped students make their selections at Kroger Oct. 16 and 17. “The students love to come and pick their own things out, and they’re very appreciative,” said Delia Spurgeon, Coats and Shoes chair.

“Once (the program) started,” she added, “it just got bigger and bigger. And it’s needed.” Woodford County schools Director of Staff/Student Services Garet Wells said this partnership helps to meet the needs of students.

“In a perfect world,” he said, “everyone would have all of their basic needs taken care of. That’s just not the reality.”

By partnering with organizations like the Woodford County Woman’s Club, he said the basic needs of students are being addressed.

“If someone comes to school cold, without a coat or if they don’t have shoes that fit – that’s going to be on their mind. That’s going to distract from the reason that they’re at school,” said Wells. “So any time we can take care of those basic needs, and take that worry away from the kids, from the families – it’s only going to enhance what our ultimate goal is, and that’s student learning.

“One of the great things about Woodford County is the community support that we receive. The Woman’s Club is just a prime example of a community organization stepping up to help us ultimately help the kids,” he added.

The Woodford County Woman’s Club receives support from a $5,000 United Way grant, and local grants from Wall Street Greetings and Gray Construction, said club President Sharon Hardin. She said $14,000 to $15,000 was spent on Coats and Shoes for Kids last year. The program, which relies on grants and donations, was started more three decades ago.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to Coats and Shoes may send them to Hardin at 197 Ridge View Road in Versailles.

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