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Coloring contest winners

WOODFORD SUN Halloween coloring contest judges paused for a photo Monday afternoon at the Sun after performing their important duties. From left, Robin Reed of the Cornerstone Pharmacy, Froy Lopez of Mi Pueblito, and Cindy Shryock of Rector Hayden Realtors. Many thanks to the judges and to all the children who took part in this year’s contest. (Photo by John McGary)

The 2018 Halloween Coloring Contest winners are:

Age Group 3-4

First place, Reagan Duncan;

Second place, Vivienne Helferstay;

Third place, Charlotte Wiley;

Fourth place, Harper Claxon.

Age Group 5-6

First place, Jet Lyddane;

Second place, Boone Lancaster;

Third place, Harmony Gampper;

Fourth place, Peyton Alexis Caudill-Gurwell.

Age Group 7-8

First place, Caroline Glass;

Second place, Darby Carpenter;

Third place, Nevaeh Fair;

Fourth place, Riley Duncan.

Age Group 9-10

First place, Abigail Joe Crowe;

Second place, Will Cummins;

Third place, Gabby Gampper;

Fourth place, Emma Tracy.

Thank you and job well done to all of the participants in our coloring contest. Special thanks to our judges Robin Reed, Froy Lopez and Cindy Shryock and to prize sponsor Mi Pueblito.

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