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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

November 11, 1897…The Clipper speculates that the next U.S. Senator to be chosen in 1900 (January) will either be Gov. Bradley, if the GOP continues to win, or J.C.S. Blackburn, should the Democrats regain control of the Legislature. Welch defeated Martin by a vote of 4,866 to 2,422 in the race for state senator in this district. Welch got 1,435 in Jessamine; 2,127 in Scott and 1,304 in Woodford, while Martin got 458 in Jessamine; 915 in Scott and 1,049 in Woodford.

Franklin defeated Violett 8,214 to 6,153 for commonwealth attorney. Franklin got 2,135 in Bourbon; 2,467 in Franklin; 2,162 in Scott and 1,420 in Woodford, while Violett got 2,065 in Bourbon; 1,347 in Franklin; 1,530 in Scott and 1,211 in Woodford.

Woodford election: Shackelford (D) carried over Bailey (R) 1,467 to 1,171 while the winner carried only seven precincts. This race was for clerk, Court of Appeals, and the other three candidates were Hindman, 169; Wallace, 16; and Parker, 4. For county judge, Parrish defeated Graves 1,477 to 1,205 while carrying eight precincts. For county attorney, Davis defeated Pinkerton 1,489 to 1,166 and carried nine precincts. Welch defeated Martin in Woodford for state senator by 1,325 to 1,049 and carried 10 precincts. Stout defeated Sleet for representative by 1,448 to 1,233 and carried seven precincts. Franklin defeated Violett 1,441 to 1,212 in Woodford and carried seven precincts, for commonwealth attorney. Shipp defeated White for jailer by 1,476 to 1,180 and carried nine precincts. Unopposed were Circuit Judge Cantrill, Sheriff Wilhoit, Assessor Reed, County Clerk Gray, Circuit Clerk Berry, School Supt. Hifner and Coroner Cohen.

At the Ira S. Shipman home, near Midway, Allen Shipman, 14, accidentally shot and fatally wounded his brother, William 0. Shipman, 16, on Saturday. Allen had returned from hunting and had lifted the shotgun to withdraw the shells when one of the barrels discharged into his brother’s abdomen and passed through his body. The young man lived a short time and was conscious throughout and said he was aware that it was an accident.

Ed Stephens, Midway’s city marshal, was indicted for murder Friday, having shot and killed Jason Miller on the street in Midway the previous Saturday. Also, former policeman Elijah Davis and Deputy Marshal William Hammonds were indicted for the murder of Edwards Humphreys last July. The trials of all three were postponed until the next term and bail for each was set at $2,500 and given.

The suit of the J. Owsley Evans estate against the Southern Railway Co. for $30.000 damages for the train killing Evans in his buggy in 1896, was not resolved and a second hung jury resulted, the first taking place last May. Evans had been in the buggy with W. Henry Graddy on the Clifton Pike on Feb. 6, 1896 when both were killed by the train, which was westbound. The question was whether or not the train gave proper signals.

November 7, 1941… Present city councilmen were reelected Nov. 5, with Joe Lehman polling 72 votes, D.S. Richardson 71, Howard Rouse and Rupert Breeden 69 each, Henry Harper and John Boots 64 each. William Hughes and C.B. Wilson each received two write-in votes. The election for mayor and police judge comes up in 1943.

An early morning fire Sunday destroyed two homes in the Jacksontown section of Versailles. A one-story frame house, occupied by Ben Parrish and family, was consumed and the fire spread rapidly to the two-story house next door occupied by Charles Moore and family. The first home was owned by Matt Beatty and the second by Sid Brown. The two buildings were located about 1,000 feet west of the city limits.

Mayor W.C. McCauley received 263 votes in his unopposed race for reelection as mayor of Versailles. D.J. Howard, also unopposed, was reelected with 269 votes for police judge. Ward 1 councilmen elected were James Y. Edwards, 132; James S. McDavid, 123 and Charlton Graves, 55. Elected from Ward 2 were Eugene Barnes, 122; W.B. Tillett and John H. Edger, 118 votes each. Votes were written-in for Frank West, T.J. Craig, Frank Bohannon Jr., Colvin Rouse and Miles Whittington.

Cases against Edward Cox, 21, and Buck Carter, 32, for rape, were postponed until March 2 and both men were remanded to jail without bail. Roy Rogers, on a charge of detaining a woman against her will, was to be tried on Nov. 7.

Bill Portwood, sophomore end on the UK team and a Midway boy, was injured in the Alabama game and narrowly missed having a serious injury. A son of M/M Charles Portwood Sr., the hard­ playing young man had a head injury in the Vanderbilt game but was still expected to start against Georgia Tech.

The only opposed county official, Magistrate Roy Williams, defeated Tyler Bartlett, Republican, 339 to 113 on election day. In a very light vote, Duncan Hamilton, nominee for county attorney, received the highest vote with a total of 856. The votes of the other eight county officials ranged downward to a low of 819.

John C. Mountjoy, chairman of the Midway School Board, resigned due to poor health and was succeeded by Roland Faust.

Hubbard Endicott, Lexington, K.F.O.S. treasurer, moved to Midway Monday and is living at the home of M/M J.R. Church.

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