• By Elizabeth Coots, Extension Agent

Family and Consumer Sciences

Be thankful for multi-generations this Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is often a time when multiple generations of family get together and traditions are honored. Family rituals and traditions are instrumental in establishing strong family foundations. For young children, family traditions help create positive memories and contribute to overall personality development, including enhanced confidence, self-esteem, sense of belonging, connectedness and love. Older adults benefit from traditions as they continue to celebrate generations of family and the warmth and promise that comes with the tradition being honored.

Thanksgiving is often an upbeat holiday, in part because it is associated with a plethora of food, much of which is brought to the table year after year. Thanksgiving is also a holiday that reminds us to be thankful and to tell those who we care about that we are thankful to have them in our lives.

This year make an effort to gather with your family - multiple generations of them! Share stories and recipes, play games, create new memories and honor loved ones.

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