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Letter to the Editor

Heart-warming’ event

Editor, The Sun:

I had the privilege of attending an event last week that was so heart-warming and uplifting, I wanted to share it with my fellow Woodford Countians. (See story on front page.)

The Woodford County Community Fund had announced it had $30,000 in grants to give away for worthwhile community projects. The presentations or “pitches” were being made in the auditorium at Midway College, and then audience members would be allowed to vote on the winners. I was there in support of the Big Spring Park Overlook, as my husband has been working on that committee for the last year.

I knew how much effort had gone into the park project, funds raised and benefits it will provide, but what I did not expect was how much I’d learn or how impressed I’d be with the other six community projects as well.

They addressed issues ranging from preserving African-American heritage and encouraging community to opioid addiction and hunger.

They represented city and county, young and old, black and white, rich and poor. Requesting modest amounts of money, they each had identified needs and planned solutions. These grassroots projects all involve volunteers, local businesses, and public and private partnerships.

A delightful surprise was that all these projects will receive the funds they requested! I can’t wait to follow their progress as they implement their plans. This process is proof to me that Woodford County is full of “do-ers,” not just complainers. We’re not sitting around waiting for government to solve our problems. I am always proud of Woodford County for our natural beauty and our heritage, but today

I’m extra-proud of our compassion and our spirit.

Mary Katherine Graetz



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