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Council approves committee changes

The Versailles City Council unanimously approved committee reforms and spent much of its short meeting Tuesday signing off on a host of purchases for the city’s water and sewer plants.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Mary Katherine Graetz addressed the elimination of the Downtown Planning Advisory Committee (DPAC). At least some of the activities of DPAC will be covered by the new Communications/Tourism/Downtown committee. Graetz, a member of DPAC’s Big Spring Park subcommittee, said when DPAC was formed last year by Mayor Brian Traugott, she applauded him for seeing the need for such a committee.

“This committee was created at a time when people felt a little frustrated and unheard ...” Graetz said. She said she was most excited by the level of citizen involvement in DPAC subcommittee meetings. “They each met monthly in addition to the regular DPAC meetings and involved 50 people or more at a time – residents of the city and county, who cleaned and repaired public spaces and collected and analyzed and disseminated data. They raised money, they were awarded grants, they organized events and they kept people informed,” Graetz said.

She closed by saying that she hoped the new committee would be as welcoming to citizen input.

The other five standing committees will be stormwater and cemetery, water and sanitary sewer, public safety, finance, and administrative and legal. They must meet at least once per quarter.

Water, Sewer Plant bids

The council voted unanimously to approve 12 low bids, all per pound:

Water Treatment Plant

20.8 cents for chlorine gas from Brenntag Mid-South

15.59 cents for liquid caustic soda from Brenntag Mid-South

19.2 cents for fluoride from Univar

17.9 cents for aqua ammonia from Brenntag Mid-South

$1.06 for activated carbon from Chemical Resources

14.29 cents for polyaluminum chloride from USALCO

Sewer, lift stations

20.8 cents for chlorine gas from Brenntag Mid-South

31.9 cents for sulfur dioxide gas from Brenntag Mid South

$1.69 for HTH granular from Brenntag Mid-South

$2.25 for liquid odor control from Aulick Chemical

$15.87 for liquid degreaser from Aulick Chemical (sole bid)

$10.86 for liquid deodorizer for lift stations (sole bid)

The council also unanimously approved several other financial moves:

The sale of a used tent to Lexington Cemetery for $700.

A low bid of $3,024.72 (not including shipping) for a new trolley motor at the raw water intake building from Crane 1 of New Albany, Ind.

A low bid of $4,538.05 from Wascon Sales and Service of Livingston, Tenn. for a new pump at the Crossfield Drive sewer lift station.

A low bid of $11,800 from C.C. Moore Co. of Frankfort for prep work for a lagoon clean-out at the water treatment plant.

Another low bid of $17,700 from C.C. Moore Co. for the removal of sludge from the treatment lagoon to the prepared area.

A sole bid of $15,823.15 from GovConnection for a new server for the police station. Police Chief Mike Murray said the department has always used the company, which he said provides the best service.

A bid of $27,026 from Jack Kain Ford for a new F-150 truck for the Public Works Department.

A motion to renew the Events Coordinator Elisha Holt’s contract for 13 months and give her, at Traugott’s suggestion, a 60 percent pay increase, from $1,250 to $2,000 per month, passed unanimously. The Trick or Treat night “Boo Bash,” held for the first time this year, was added to her job responsibilities. Holt does not receive benefits.


Traugott’s three nominations for reappointments to boards were approved unanimously:

Chad Wells, who chairs the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission, for a four-year term

Matt Myers, a licensed architect, for a two-year term to the Architectural Review Board

Debbie Gill to the Versailles-Woodford County Parks and Recreation Board for a four-year term

Bible reading

Penny Deaton appeared before the council to announce the fourth annual Bible Reading Marathon, which will be held in council chambers from Monday, Dec. 31, to Friday, Jan. 4. People who want to sign up for one of the 360 15-minute slots can call her at (859) 396-1832.


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