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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

December 16, 1897… Letters to Santa appear on the front page from Mary Leather Taylor, Harry Hurst Stanhope, Mabel Tompson, Frank H. Stanhope and Lucy Belle Settle. Also, from Bessie E. Stevens, Claude Sheffield, Breck Wilburn, Bonnie Sheffield, Minnie Stone Duke, James O. Duke, Raymond Combs, Elbert Combs, Leonora. Winn, Paul Winn, Marshall Winn, Frances E. Hopkins, Dick Seeley Combs, Nena White, Alice Seeley Alexander and Marguerite Martin Douglass. Additional letters were from Lillie and Louise Martin, Lollie Ewing, Benjamin Osborne, Robert Ellis Moore, Mary, Elizabeth and Susie Duke, Mary Weisenberger, Frances Weisenberger, Margaret and Frances Hammond, Nannie Kenny Brooks, Agnes Ricketts Owsley and Mar­shall Botts.

On Dec. 15, the Hotel Sandusky, in Versailles, closed after breakfast. Captain Sandusky moves next week to Central City.

Lewis P. Tompson, one of Midway’s oldest and most highly esteemed citizens, was seriously injured Saturday when, at a sale of L & H Epstein’s goods he stepped through a cellar door, which had been carelessly left open, and sustained a number of bruises.

Owner J.R. Williams writes that the Clipper will change management and ownership on Jan. l.

William J. Mitchell, 73, died last Saturday night from a complication of ailments. He leaves a wife and two sons, Benjamin J. and George W. Mr. Mitchell came to Woodford in 1861 by way of Fayette and Jessamine counties. He lived first on the farm now occupied by his son, Benjamin, and about 14 years ago moved to the Hibler place on the· Versailles Pike, which he had purchased. He was twice married; in l848, to Tabitha A. Phelps, who died about two years ago, and then to her sister, Rebecca Phelps.

Lewis Nuckols, Paynes Depot, was in critical condition following a fall from the upper floor of his barn.

December 11, 1919...Harry Sutton, 70, living on the farm of Whitney Dunlap, did a hard day’s work Tuesday killing and dressing hogs, ate a hearty supper, and died at 1 a.m. the next morning. He leaves a wife and four children. Burial was in the Pisgah Cemetery.

Mrs. Gertrude Hawkins sold her bungalow on Winter Street to William Campbell.

Joel T. Arnett, 70, died in Chicago Friday morning. He was born and reared near Faywood and lived for years in Midway. He is survived by a son, A.B. Arnett of Midway.

M/M Lister Witherspoon celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Dec. 8 with a reception at Glenartney, their home in the country on the Midway-Versailles Pike. Glenartney is a wonderfully beautiful old place with spacious halls and rooms and wide verandas and is situated in a woodland. It is just opposite the place where Mrs. Witherspoon, who was before her marriage Miss Nettie Viley, was born and reared. Assisting in entertaining were their son, M/M Warren Witherspoon and their grandson, Lister Witherspoon II; their daughters, M/M Alton Buffington and M/M Oakey L. Alexander; and Mrs. Witherspoon’s brother, M/M Breckinridge Viley.

December 12, 1941… Across the bottom of the front page is the giant headline, “WAR.” The Clipper account was as follows: “The United States is now at war with Japan, Germany and Italy, the three chief Axis powers. Japan, without warning and while a series of peace conferences were in progress, attacked Hawaii, the Philippines, Wake, Guam and Midway Islands, by both sea and air early Sunday. Many lives and millions of dollars worth of property were destroyed. A few hours after the unexpected onslaught began, Tokyo declared war on this country. Monday, Dec. 8, following an address by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the U.S. Congress, with only one dissenting voice, voted a declaration of war against Japan. Thursday, Dec. 11, Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S. and the same day at the request of the Presi­dent, the Congress unanimously voted a declaration of war against these two dictator countries. England and countries of her empire, China, most of the American countries to the south and most of the European governments in exile have declared war against Japan and her Axis partners.

In the meantime, the war rages in the Pacific, with the American armed forces bravely defending our island possessions and retaliating for the sinking of two or more of our ships by sinking or badly damaging at least four Japanese battleships. The most severe fighting is in the Philippines where the Nipponese are attacking from many sides of Luzon, on which is located Manila, the capital. San Francisco and New York have had air raid alarms and a high-ranking army officer announced that two squadons of enemy planes were within 20 miles of the California city Monday night, but were driven off. Various measures for all-out war have been passed by the Congress and the probability of a registration of all men and women from 18 to 65 has been discussed in official circles. Every county in Kentucky has been asked to create a defense council.”

Many Woodford citizens have relatives in the Pacific war zone. Woodrow Stephens, brother of Mrs. D.E. McDaniel, clerk in the Wise Store here, was on the Arizona at Pearl Harbor when last heard from; Omar Sorrels, son of M/M Clell Sorrels of Midway, is in the Navy and is probably with the Pacific Fleet; G.A. Maxedon, storekeeper-gauger at Park & Tilford Distillery here, has a son, Corp. James R. Maxedon, at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii; J.F. Blacketer, Midway barber, has a brother, Sgt. William Blacketer, in a tank company in the Philippines. The company, commanded by Major Bacon R. Moore, was organized at Harrodsburg last year. Mrs. Blacketer has two first cousins stationed in the Navy at Pearl Harbor. They are Ralph Dean, son of Roy Dean; and Bob Johnson, son of M/M Kelley Johnson; a cousin of the Rev. W.F. McGibney, pastor of the Midway Baptist church, was on board the battleship Oklahoma when last heard from. Sgt. Francis I. Taylor, son of R. Johnson Taylor, clerk in the Midway post office, is a gun captain on the battleship Pennsylvania, flagship of Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and was stationed at Pearl Harbor when last heard from. Sgt. Ralph Wooten, brother of Misses Ruth and Lorraine Wooten of the K.F.O.S., is stationed aboard the Pennsylvania at Pearl Harbor. Phillip Parrigin, a cousin of Mrs. L.G. Barrett of Midway, was in the Air Corps in Hawaii when last heard from. Ernest Conyers, nephew of M/M John Lynn of near Midway, was in Cairo, Egypt in the U.S. Army when last heard from. Sgt. George Rufus Bailey, 23, son of M/M William H. Bailey, of Versailles, is one of the American aviators now in the employ of China and guarding the Burma Road. He is an instructor in Burma. Harry Settle, son of T.B. Settle, Versailles jeweler, is on the U.S. minesweeper Robin, and was thought to be enroute from Hawaii to Johnston Island. James Suther­land, son of M/M Wilbur Sutherland of Versailles, is on the airplane carrier Lexington, in Hawaiian waters. Wayne P. Jelf, father of Mrs. William Dale of Versailles, is an ex-Navy man residing in Hawaii. Lt. Commander Andrew Earl Harris, son of the late M/M Andrew T. Harris, former commander of the U.S. gunboat Wake, at Shanghai has been ordered back to the U.S. and was in Manila when the war began. Major Thomas R. Horton is in Manila. His wife had returned to Versailles to be with her mother, Mrs. Henry H. Jesse. Monroe Parrish, formerly of the orphan home in Versailles, is with the fleet at Pearl Harbor. Paul Blankenship, formerly at the Methodist Home in Versailles, is with the army in Hawaii. Ralph Eaves, son of M/M Steve Eaves of Versailles, is on convoy duty in the Atlantic. John D. and Will White, of near Mortonsville, received word their cousin, Robert White of Clay City, lost his life when his ship, U.S.S. Penguin, was sunk by the Japanese.

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