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Letters to the Editor

‘Total disregard’ of responsible land use

Editor, The Sun:

A town/county is a reflection of its zoning laws. The recent unanimous vote by the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission to approve a zone change making possible 691 new residential units on Lexington Road exhibits a total disregard of responsible land use.

Hopefully, the Versailles City Council will reject this project. The immense size of the proposed development is not suitable for the character of Versailles. Future zoning changes should not be based on greed and commercialism, but on sound land use policies.

Agriculture will always lose to housing, shopping centers and highways if the people refuse to speak out.

John K. Novak


Bevin ‘let county down’ after Coyle’s death

Editor, The Sun:

Woodford Countians were deeply saddened by the unexpected loss of Judge-Executive John “Bear” Coyle, who passed away Nov. 25.

Kentucky law requires the governor to appoint someone to fill a vacancy in the office of County Judge/Executive within thirty days after the date the vacancy occurs. Gov. Bevin’s deadline passed on Christmas Day, and still there is no word from the governor’s office.

The Woodford Fiscal Court took emergency action after Bear’s death, calling on the governor to appoint incoming Judge-Elect Rep. James Kay. Numerous citizens, including many prominent Republicans, called on the governor to do the right thing and make the appointment.

Bevin’s office has not responded. County governments are like businesses; the end of the year is a very busy time. There are important deadlines, payrolls and decisions to be made. The governor’s office knows this, because they require the budgets of the sheriff and county clerk to be submitted to the state by early January.

Bevin let Woodford County down – despite the fact that he won the county in 2015. Since then, Bevin has acted like the law does not apply to him, resorting to petty political attacks, unconstitutional actions, and even a failed special session. Bevin is driven by selfish motivations and repeatedly fails to follow even simple laws. He doesn’t care about good government either, which is what Judge Coyle prided himself in. Woodford Countians deserve better than a Governor who fails and refuses to fulfill his duty under the law.

Gary Adkins


Coyle, Addie’s big losses in 2018

Editor, The Sun:

Woodford County lost two dedicated, caring, supportive citizens in 2018.

Very different “losses!”

Native son and Judge-Executive John Coyle was taken from us suddenly by a massive heart attack much too young. John loved Woodford County and our people, and served for many years in many ways his entire life. He will be missed!

Some 10 years ago, a group of Woodford County citizens met with Judge Coyle, Magistrate Bruce Gill (since deceased) and other officials concerned about tourism and other issues. We wanted to know how we can better promote our beautiful, unique county and all it has to offer. From this meeting, the Woodford County Volunteer Workgroup was formed, and for 10 years, it has promoted the county with a Kentucky State Fair exhibit, tours, Woodford County barn quilt squares and various other events and activities.

Our second and most recent loss happened the day after Christmas, when Woodford County citizens and visitors went to the historic Cleveland Orphaned Girls’ Home – now known as The Woodford Inn and Addie’s – to discover a “closed” sign on their door.

Linda and Bruce Parker and family opened a family restaurant in Millville 10 years ago. Although they weren’t natives, they quickly fell in love with our county, later coming to Versailles as owners of the historic Woodford Inn and Addie’s. Because of their love for Woodford County and our history, our people, and our beauty, they dedicated themselves to our citizens and visitors from all over the United States and elsewhere. They provided a unique, warm, caring meeting place for good food, celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, memorial services, reunions, charity and art events, Woodford County Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warriors, Alzheimer’s benefits, bourbon and horse farm tour groups – I could go on and on. All were made to feel as if the Inn was their home, always welcomed by the Parker family and their staff.

From the very beginning, The Woodford Inn and Addie’s supported the Woodford County Volunteer Workgroup and all our endeavors, providing a meeting place, hosting events, donating door prizes, etc. All because they love Woodford County and wanted to share it with others.

Just as Judge Coyle, his infectious smile and support will be missed, so will The Woodford Inn and Addie’s. Thanks for the memories – you will be missed!

Lillie Cox

Co-Chair, Woodford County

Volunteers Workgroup

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