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Hawkins: school board responsible for our most precious resource

Editor, The Sun:

Much of the time the work of school board members can go unnoticed. However, it is important to remember that Woodford County school board members, Ambrose Wilson IV, Debby Edelen, Dani Bradley, Allison Richardson and Sherri Springate, are responsible for our community’s most precious resource and the key to its future – our children and their educational opportunities. Maybe they serve to improve those opportunities for their children, maybe they do it to ensure our community is poised to meet the future with a highly educated workforce able to improve the local economy, or maybe they do it because they believe in the role public education plays in creating a better Commonwealth for all citizens. But whatever the reason, the Woodford County board members serve with minimal compensation and maximum effort. Board members spend hours reading materials and digging into reports to prepare for meetings. In addition to attending meetings and school functions, state law requires members to obtain training each year on finance, charter schools, ethics, leadership and other topics.

When changes are made at the state level, such as new graduation requirements or a new testing and accountability system, school board members look at their policies and budgets to decide how to best meet the new required demands. Most importantly, school board members are members of the community. They must be prepared to answer questions about district operations at the grocery store or at the board table. School Board Recognition Month in January is a good time to recognize our school board members for their work. It’s my hope that the people in our community will take a few moments this month to thank them and to learn more about the work of our school board members who bear the tremendous responsibility of ensuring the long-term success of our school system – and of our community’s children.

D. Scott Hawkins


Critical of Spectrum

Editor, The Sun:

I take exception to Mr. Mike Pedelty’s remarks published in the Sun last week. He is closing the Versailles store because “Spectrum cannot give good customer service” due to a small number of patrons coming to the store. I write this basically for our senior citizens and those who do not have transportation.

Equipment malfunctions caused me to visit the store 14 times since mid-December. Each time, there were usually four or five folks before me and more coming. On one occasion, I was number 14, with more coming in. This has happened frequently.

Mr. Pedelty either has no knowledge of the store here or the number of people it services. His comments were that customers could drive the 16-plus miles to the Spectrum store in Lexington. He obviously does not drive much on Versailles Road, with the normal bumper-to-bumper traffic and trying to negotiate the balance of the trip through Lexington.

His remarks are either inconsiderate or uncaring for our folks. Most certainly the higher echelon of highly paid executives made this decision probably not knowing where Versailles is. … They appear to want to save money. Their representative “Pam” is the most efficient person I have come across in any customer service department. Spectrum can’t be serious that one person’s salary would break the bank for the company..

How about the seniors without transportation and other residents, too. Yes, there is a senior bus service but does not go out of the county. Therefore, other services (costing money) would need to be used. … His comment that they can mail the equipment - mail? Outrageous! How much to mail a 10-pound piece of equipment? Spectrum, wake up!

Also to add insult to injury, Spectrum, I am told changed programming; shifting some programs to a higher tier to allow HDMl? This shift increases the total amount fees by the company. …

It is unacceptable that Spectrum be allowed to do this to our residents. … I challenge our residents to write our mayor and ask him to step in and demand that the Versailles store remain open. If not, search for other sources, contract signed or not.

Don Durs

Versailles Editor’s note: Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott has said that Spectrum appears to be within its rights to close its Versailles office, but is consulting with the city’s franchise lawyer to see if there’s anything that can be done to keep it open.

Why I joined the DAR

Editor, The Sun:

My name is Kara (Barnett) Patterson, and I have lived in Versailles since 2010. I was born in Hopkins County and have lived in Kentucky all of my life. I was admitted into the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution officially in November 2016, and was sworn in as a new member of the General Marquis Calmes DAR Chapter in Versailles in February 2017. I have been honored to serve as the Chapter treasurer for the last few months. I am also an associate member of the Captain Stephen Ashby DAR Chapter in Madisonville, Kentucky, where my mother serves as Regent.

Why did I join the Daughter of the American Revolution?

I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution to connect with other women who enjoy genealogy and history, who demonstrate a patriotic love for our country, and who have a heart to serve our veterans and our community. In addition to connecting with other women, I joined the Daughter of the American Revolution to honor my ancestors. Every summer, my mother’s family organizes the Oates’ Family Reunion, and I have attended this reunion almost every year. My ancestor is Jesse Oates, who is my 5th great-grandfather. He was born in North Carolina in about 1756, and he served in the militia in North Carolina during the American Revolution. Jesse had five children with his first wife and 12 children with his second wife, and he died in Muhlenberg County in 1831.

Why should you join the Daughters of the American Revolution?

You should join this lovely group of ladies for the same reasons that I have. We only meet eight times each year, and our meetings are on the first Saturday of the month to accommodate women who work during the week. Our chapter boasts a wide range of ages among our members with some in their nineties to junior members (under 35 years of age). We have ladies who have been members for over 40 years, as well as new members who have just joined this year. Kara Patterson


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