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Speaking of sports…

The headline above is borrowed, or stolen, depending on your point of view, from the late Howard Cosell’s radio commentary by that title. Sorta Super

During and after Super Bowl LIII (aka Super Bowl 53), a lot of folks seemed upset there wasn’t more scoring.

But enough about the halftime show.

As a red-blooded American male who grew up before rules were changed again and again to protect quarterbacks and receivers, I sorta liked a defensive struggle for a change. I think this despite losing $5 after I took the Rams and three points “just to make things interesting.” Turns out Rams fans, be they from Los Angeles or St. Louis, or Brady and Belichick haters, or just folks looking to make a buck, needed an 11-point spread to make the spectacle profitable.

Patriot critics will note that head coach Bill Belichick, apparently immortal QB Tom Brady and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman have all been penalized for, respectively, cheating, covering-up cheating and using performance-enhancing substances. Other teams and players have also skirted the rules, and occasionally been spanked for doing so, so maybe the only thing the Pats aren’t great at is getting away with it.

Still … the Belichick and Brady Patriots have played in nine Super Bowls and won six of them in the last 18 years, which is, as Larry David would say, “Pretty good. Prettttty good.”

I do wish they’d start the games earlier, though. It gets later earlier than it used to.

Not your typical “young team”

After Tuesday night’s victory over South Carolina, the fifth-ranked University of Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team has won nine in a row and 14 of their last 15. As Larry David would say …

I’ve joked – sorta – about Cal’s perennial young teams. They are young, of course, because Cal and his crew recruit so many players who are good enough – after a lot of hard work and good coaching – to leap to the NBA after one year. Still, the phrase “young team” can grate after awhile. In this space last February, I shared with Dear Readers the rules of the self- invented “Young Team Drinking Game” (patent still pending).

Let me now introduce the “Young Team Drinking Game,” soon to be on store shelves near you. Game pieces consist of four plastic cups, bibs and instructions, the latter of which I’ll favor you with now: During Cal’s weekly call-in show, other interviews with him and the game itself, every time you hear the phrase “young team,” you take a drink.

Teetotalers can use the non-alcoholic beverage of their choice. The rest should plan on staying home or calling a cab, because our firm’s beta testers report being blotto well before the call-in show or game is over.

Thing is, when you’re a diehard fan of a really, really young team, sometimes you need a stiff drink.

And sometimes you need a dozen.

Actually, what you need for a top-notch, not quite so young team is a couple of sophomores who weren’t quite ready for the NBA (Nick Richards and P.J. Washington) and a graduate student transfer (Reid Travis) who is, by UK standards, Methuselah. Unlike Methuselah, who likely lost his hops after a few hundred years, Travis seems well and hearty.

I’ve been a Cats fan since I was old enough to read the books and yearbooks in my parent’s library, though it’s been many years since a tough loss dampened my spirits. And I maintain that the game itself would be far more interesting if referees were allowed to call players for carrying (aka palming) the ball. (UK All-American Kyle Macy and Magistrate Larry Blackford (Dist. 6) agree with me on that score, by the way.) There’d be more passing and more player movement away from the ball.

Point is – I do have one – having a few non-freshmen playing significant minutes for the Cats is not only refreshing, but also a recipe for a pretty good team.

Prettttty good.


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