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Jack Jouett House receives historic sailor’s cap

The Jack Jouett House Historic Site recently received a donation of a sailor’s cap from the first USS Jouett (1912 - 1931). The wool and leather cap was donated by former Jack Jouett House Executive Director, Joel Meador.

James Edward Jouett was a grandson of Captain Jack Jouett, and the son of painter Matthew Harris Jouett. He had a long and illustrious career in the United States Navy, including service in the Mexican War and Civil War. Jouett was captain of the USS Metacomet serving under Admiral David Farragut in the battle of Mobile Bay on Aug. 5, 1864. It was at this battle that Farragut issued his famous command,

“Damn the torpedoes! Four bells! Captain Drayton go ahead! Jouett full speed!” Jouett went on to command the North Atlantic Squadron, and in 1885 commanded the naval force that opened the isthmus of Panama. He retired in 1890 with the rank of Admiral.

In recognition of Admiral Jouett’s service, three United States naval vessels have been named in his honor. The first and second ships named after Jouett were destroyers. The third, a guided missile cruiser, was launched in 1964 and decommissioned in 2007.

The cap will be on display in the Visitor’s Center of the Jack Jouett House Historic Site along with other items about Admiral Jouett. The Jack Jouett House Historic Site is located at 255 Craig’s Creek Road in Versailles, and will open for regular tours on Monday, April 1. For more information call 859-873-7902 or go to www.jouetthouse.org.


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