• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

WCHS to hold prom at Kentucky Castle

According to the junior class officers at Woodford County High School (WCHS) charged with putting on a prom this spring, holding the April 20 event at The Kentucky Castle on April 20 was a natural.

Vice president Kasey Montgomery said everyone in the prom committee was able to contribute ideas – and eligible voters in the student body voted “yes” on the biggest.

“It’s definitely a dream come true. It’s going to be an amazing night, and I can’t wait to experience it all with everyone, and I’m so glad we’re the first school that’s actually getting to have our prom at The Kentucky Castle,” said treasurer McKenzie Baugh.

Secretary Will Smiley said while students will hold fundraisers to help pay for the castle rental, the expense was “less than you think.”

Teacher Blair Hicks, the faculty representative on the prom committee, said the expected cost is only $5 higher than last year – $70 per couple for juniors and seniors and $80 per couple for those who bring younger WCHS students or students from another school.

“I was all for it. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I took on prom, like, four years ago. We’ve been pushing it and pushing it and finally this year, it got approved,” Hicks said, adding that the deposit for the castle is about the same as the cost of decorating the back portion of WCHS for an in-school prom.

Organizers also said there was another advantage to having a prom elsewhere.

“The students won’t be pulled out of class this time (to meet and decorate), so the teachers are much happier that they’re going to be all caught up on their work,” said Montgomery.

“We go out of class a lot, when we host it here – to decorate and to get everything ready for that weekend, so we’re all going to be in class this time, (we’ll) all stay caught up on our work, so your grades don’t drop right before prom,” said Baugh.

“One of the perks of having it (out of) our school is that it’s on Easter weekend, and nobody wants to come back on Easter and clean up …” said Abbie Hudson, junior class president.

As for that deposit, Hicks said she wasn’t worried about losing it, because she expects prom-goers will “rise to the occasion and act like the young ladies and gentlemen that we see every day here.” Smiley agreed. “Oh, we’re going to stay out of trouble, definitely,” he said. “There will be police there and it’ll be monitored, lots of security – but it’ll be a great time. It’ll be a whole lot of fun.”


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