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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

March 24, 1898… Every ton of Atlantic water, when evaporated, yields 81 pounds of salt. A ton of Pacific water yields 79 lbs. Arctic and Antarctic water yield 85 lbs. to the ton, and Dead Sea water yields 187 lbs. Lake Huron contains 3,000 islands. Loch Erne, in Ireland, has 365 islands. The Lake of the Thousand Islands, which is merely an expansion of the St. Lawrence River, has 1,700 islands. Last week, the Shaker settlement in Mercer County, known as Pleasant Hill, was sold. The few of that colony now remaining have removed to another state, thus ending the stay of the last body of people who at one time were in a flourishing and prosperous condition. The Shakers were law-abiding citizens and, although devoted to lives of celibacy, they were notably free from the slightest suspicion of scandal. Perhaps many of our citizens remember when these folks went about over the country selling the best preserves and brooms ever made. A farm journal says one should “Never keep about the stable a single day a man who is rough with livestock. A horse defective in temper is less in value for that reason, and is a continued danger, and nothing will do more to make a horse ill-tempered than handling by an ill-tempered man.” The wedding of Miss Jennie Bowmar, attractive sister of Messrs. Dan and A.A. Bowmar of The Woodford Sun, and R. Ray Ricketts, formerly of Versailles but now residing in Chicago, will take place at the home of the bride’s mother on April 5. C.J. Weisenberger will build the new elevator for Cogar & Company in Midway. A.W. Saunders has drawn plans for a structure 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. It will be three stories high, with attic and basement. A spout will be arranged on the second floor to facilitate the loading of cars. The elevator will have a capacity of 60,000 bushels. The elevator will be located on the lot just north of the L&N Depot and work will be completed by July 1. Dr. Joe Lehman left Tuesday to attend the christening of the battleship “Kentucky” at Newport News, Va. Capt. John A. Steele also made the trip. James Tandy Ellis, a representative of the Louisville Dispatch, was a visitor at the Clipper office. John Lally has been elected Marshal of Midway and Capt. Bellfield Suggett is his deputy. The East Tennessee Telephone Co. had the winning bid and will operate a system in Midway for five years at $157 per year and will give the city free use of one telephone. The rentals will be $2 per month for businesses and $1.50 for residences. The Blue Grass Grocery Co. has rented the storeroom lately occupied by L&H Epstein and will move there April 1. The boom in Midway has lately brought to town a new bank, a telephone exchange, a new elevator and there is every prospect of an ice factory, an electric light plant, and perhaps a laundry. March 18, 1920… Roundup and prosecution of Kentucky’s 1,344 deserters and 2,469 delinquents, or slackers, from the draft during the war, will be undertaken jointly by the War Department and Kentucky Legionaires. The names will be made public through newspapers and the round-up will follow. William Wise, an employee of John Wise for several years, is now part owner and the firm name in Midway will be John Wise & Son. Five cottages located on West Railroad Street and owned by Charles Weisenberger of George­town, were sold Saturday at public auction. G.T. McKinney purchased the first two for $550, R.M. Fogle the next two for $450, and Jesse May the last one for $200. Mrs. J. Sorrell purchased the first cottage at the east end at private sale earlier. The House measure to give women the vote in this year’s presidential contest passed the Senate Monday 30 to 3 and now lacks only the signature of Gov. Morrow to become law. Rep. Lazarus was author of the bill and Sen. Brock championed it in his chamber. Voting against were Senators Burton, Carter and Gardner. The Midway girls’ basketball team will end its season Saturday night on the UK floor when they play Model High School. The 1920 national political season has begun in earnest. Republican candidates with a chance to be nominated for the presidency include Harding, Johnson, Lowden and Wood. Democrats most likely to succeed include Wilson, Palmer, McAdoo, Reed and Edwards. Harding and Palmer lead in the betting at present. Dr. Wolfgang Kapp, Premier of Prussia, says that Germany is approaching complete collapse of state and legal order and that the government needs help to ward off the approach of Bolshe­vism. The greatest need, according to Kapp, is the reestablishment of a strong state power. Estimates are that 38,000 homes were destroyed in the Somme, Pas de Calais, Nord and Aisne regions of France during the war. Syria has proclaimed its independence and it will be ruled by King Feisel I. It is reported that Mesopotamia has also declared its independence. Lebanon will become a part of this Arab federation and Palestine will apparently be a part of the Syrian Kingdom. Edward Stoll, son of Sen. J.W. Stoll, was named secretary of the Kentucky Racing Commission succeeding Sam C. Nuckols. Johnson N. Camden was the only member of the commission absent from the meeting. Mr. Lippert and family moved from Pinckard to the Montague farm recently purchased by them. Noah Mullin is busy purchasing the necessary equipment for opening a blacksmith shop at White Sulphur. M/M Harry Mastin have moved to the bungalow on Winter Street recently purchased from William Campbell. Members of the Campbell family are staying at the Donovan Hotel. Games Monday at the YMCA gym saw the University freshmen defeat the YMCA team and the Versailles High boys defeat the Midway High boys. John Singleton sold to Harvey Thomas a house on West Higgins Street for $2,500. D. Lehman sold to Amanda Singleton a house in Midway for $250. The sale took place in 1889 but the deed was only filed on March 9. D.M. Bowmar sold his home on Elm Street to Frank Bohannon Jr. for $9,500.

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