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May 26, 1898… The British Empire in 1898 comprised one-fifth of the globe with its 11,000,000 square miles of area; contained one-fifth of the human race, with 350,000,000 people; embraced four continents, 10,000 islands, 500 promontories and 2,000 rivers. William E. Gladstone, England’s “Grand Old Man,” breathed his last at Hawarden Castle May 19 at age 89. He had been prominent in world history for nearly 75 years. He was beyond question the greatest man of the century. His body will be entombed in Westminster Abbey. It is now known that 300 Spaniards lost their lives in the fight at Cienfuegos, while two Americans were killed while cutting the cables. It is believed that Admiral Cervera is with the Spanish fleet, which is currently bottled up in Santiago harbor. Washington officials are playing a guessing game as to whether the Spanish fleet will remain in the harbor or go out to meet the enemy. In the meantime, European speculation is that Spain will abandon its defense of the Philippines because of the great distances involved. With the war on and the ports blockaded, the price of hemp has gone from 3 cents cwt to 4 dollars. The importation of Manila and sisal fibers had been the main thing keeping hemp prices down. The Versailles baseball team and that of Kentucky University will play again here on Wednesday of next week. J.P. Scott, the pig iron mine owner from Philadelphia, was here a few days ago looking over his farm (the Gratz place) near A.J. Alexander’s. Bob Fitzsimmons has accepted Jim Corbett’s offer of $22,000 for an opportunity to regain the heavyweight championship, and the fight will be pulled off before the last of September. The champion has also agreed to fight Kid McCoy for $10,000. William Jennings Bryan has enlisted in a Nebraska regiment as a private and will take his chances to be elected Colonel by the members of the regiment, even though he has been designated by the Governor as the recruiting Colonel. Owing to the war tax, the cigarette fiends are to get only eight of the “coffin nails” in a package now. The old fence in front of the Midway Baptist Church has been removed and a curbing will be put in its stead. Dr. Joe Lehman has formed a partnership with Dr. Kellar at Frankfort and went down Monday to be installed. R. K. Combs offers for sale his handsome residence property on Winter Street, west side, consisting of seven large rooms, pantry, library and bathroom; complete water works, first­-class cistern, gas lighting, all necessary outbuildings - summer kitchen, dining room, hen house, smoke house, coal house and good stable, plus complete stock of fruit trees, all bearing. The Combs family will move to the house now occupied by W.A. Long as a hotel. May 20, 1920… The Fayette Home Telephone Co. announced that after July 1 service in the county, outside of Versailles and Midway, will be discontinued. The company says it has been maintaining its service at a financial loss and the county has refused to permit a rate increase. Failing of a two-thirds vote, which is required when there is opposition, the Midway Council has ruled against forcing two property holders on Higgins Street to construct concrete sidewalks. All others who live on the street favored the construction plans and three, who live on the street but are not within the city limits, have already constructed pavements. Vernon Sutton voted against the construction, Dr. W.E. Risque abstained, and Councilman Murray was absent. Messrs. L.F. Sutherland, W.A. Gatrell and S.L. Gatrell favored constructing the walks. Pension statistics - 81 widows from soldiers who fought as far back as 1825 still are on government pensions. Civil War pensioners number 588,343. Still living are 2,956 pensioners from the War with Mexico. There are 5,000 pensioners from the Indian Wars. All members of President Carranza’s cabinet have been captured and sent to Mexico City, according to General Alvaro Obregon’s revolutionary agents. Carranza, himself, is said to have escaped to the mountains on horseback. Gen. Obregon is now the only remaining presidential candidate. Mrs. W.C.P. Breckinridge, widow of the famous orator and former central Kentucky Congress­man, died this week in a hospital at Buffalo, N.Y. Dr. and Mrs. Voight have moved to the Gatrell rooms recently vacated by M/M R.W. Gracey. Among the dinner guests at the home of M/M Ike Parrish last week were Sen. and Mrs. J.C.W. Beckham. Misses Annie Stagg, Elsie Potter, Marie Denton and Amanda Newell, teachers at the Midway School, expect to leave Saturday for their homes in Lexington and Somerset, respectively, the school term closing Saturday. Miss Joesphine C. Carter has requested the attendance of Woodford County women at the YMCA building in Versailles on May 21 to hear Miss Laura Clay speak on Democracy. Charles M. Browning, president of the county building and loan association for a number of years, resigned this week and George B. Minary was elected to fill the vacancy. Viers and Vertrees, two county prisoners who had stolen an auto near Spring Station, nearly escaped jail Thursday. They had sawed a bar out of the corridor window when Jailer Edger’s wife heard them and gave the alarm. They are now housed in a steel cage. The fire insurance agency of the late Henry Childers was sold Saturday at public auction and purchased for $3,800 by D.J. Howard. The city of Versailles sold to Hardin Field Sr. two acres on the Lexington Pike for $731.25.This land was originally purchased as a site for the water supply, but was abandoned after two wells were sunk at a time when the plan to pipe water from the river had been abandoned.

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