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June 16, 1898…The Courier-Journal is again pushing former governor John Y. Brown for another term in that office. The C-J backed Brown for Congress in 1896 and both lost. Brown and the C-J were not for Watt Hardin, Jo Blackburn or W.J. Bryan in the past few elections and most Democrats are still sore about that. Based on these memories, Brown’s chances are not good. The war chronology is as follows: Feb. 15, Battleship Maine blown up in Havana harbor with 266 American sailors killed. Spain declined to accept responsibility. March: U.S. prepares for war and Congress appropriates $50 million. Spanish armada sailed from Cadiz. April: Sampson’s fleet was ordered to Havana. President calls for volunteers. England declares neutrality. Italy declares neutrality. American fleet destroys Matanzas fortifications. May: Commodore Dewey destroys Spanish fleet in Manila Bay. Sampson bombards San Juan. Santiago shelled by Americans. U.S. fleet blockades Santiago harbor. War reports indicate both Cuba and the Philippines are as close to revolution as to American invasion. The Spaniards, in some cases, are surrendering to Americans rather than be captured by the insurgents. The First Kentucky Regiment left Lexington for Chickamauga June 16, numbering 1,350 men. The U.S. expedition from Tampa numbers 46 vessels, including troop transports for Gen. Shafter’s 16,000 men, siege batteries, light artillery, and unmounted cavalry troops. Dr. Solon d. Martin, of Marshall, Missouri, made his first visit to Kentucky in 26 years when he arrived last week at his sister’s, Mrs. Arren Viley. He was a resident of Midway 40 years ago and built the brick residence on the property adjoining Mr. Viley’s. Leonatus, the celebrated racehorse owned by Runnymede Stud, near Paris, died last Thursday. He was a son of the great Longfellow and on many occasions exhibited the speedy qualities of his illustrious sire. June 10, 1920… Midway citizens have been circulating a petition to the City Council asking for 24-hour police protection for the town. Redpath’s Chautauqua will make its first appearance in Midway this season, opening on July 19 and running through the 23rd. A concert and lecture each day is the feature enter­tainment. Thirty local citizens have agreed to act as guarantors for the Chautauqua. Governor Morrow and Lt. Gov. S. Thruston Ballard are both in Chicago this week for the Republican National Convention, leaving Kentucky with a Democratic Governor, Charles M. Harriss, of Versailles, president pro tem of the State Senate. Sen. Harriss was also acting governor during the term of Gov. James D. Black. Spencer Johnson, of North Middletown, purchased last week from Jesse Lyons his residence and store property on Railroad Street, now occupied by D.G. Wiley, for $5,000. Bolsheviki armies have pushed Polish troops back along a front between the Dneiper River and the Pripet Marshes and the Allied leadership has issued warnings that legitimate Polish territory must not be taken by the Russians. George H. Harris, President of Margaret College in Versailles, was bruised, while Mrs. Harris was cut by glass when their auto struck a telephone pole. Mrs. W.H. Railey was burned when her auto caught fire while she was cleaning it. Miss Elizabeth Lehman, who has been attending Ward-Belmont College in Nashville, arrived here Friday for the summer. M/M W.E. Simms and daughters, Misses Elizabeth and Lucy, expect to spend the summer in Japan. They will sail from San Francisco on July 2 aboard the Tenyo Maru. When Louisiana’s legislature was called upon to ratify the suffrage amendment last week, giving women the vote in federal elections, the resolution went down to defeat, 22 to 19. The Versailles High School graduation on Monday night featured seven girls and one boy. Zachary Taylor Sellers, 72, prominent farmer, died at Woodford Hospital Monday. He had come home one day before from Arizona, where he had been for some time for the benefit of his health. He is survived by a son, Howard Sellers; and three brothers, William, of Minnesota; Silas, of Nicholasville; and John of Midway. Burial was in the Versailles Cemetery. A potentially dangerous accident occurred last Thursday when the daughters of W.A. Cox, who lives on the Lexington Pike, were driving their auto around the corner of Lexington and Main streets when the steering wheel became unmanageable. Their machine began bumping other autos and jumping on and off the curb. Elmer Gooch saw the situation and jumped on the running board and found that Miss Cox, in her fright, had her foot firmly on the accelerator. He removed her foot and applied the brake just in time to lighten the crash into another auto. No one was hurt and damage was about $200. Woodrow Gaines, 7, son of Capt. O.B. Gaines, had a narrow escape from death Friday. He and several school mates were playing on the school grounds and found a small snake. The lads had it out on South Main Street when a comrade made as if to put the snake on young Gaines. He sprang back to avoid the snake and stepped in front of an auto driven by Hardin Field Jr., and was knocked down, with one wheel passing over the full length of his body. Beyond cutting the skin in several places, no other harm was done. He was at play again in an hour.

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