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District Court Week of June 17 Sarah Hays, judge

Traffic Failure of owner to maintain required insurance – Isaac V. Bates, combined with no/expired Kentucky registration receipt, $318; Denna B. Haliburton, $243; Nicholas R. Hall, $243; Lewis Smith, combined with speeding, $673. Improper lane usage – Dontae A. Bennett, combined with no operator’s license in possession, $218. Speeding – Maurissa T. Carter, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license and failure to maintain insurance, $1,241; Matthew D. Clark, $143 plus state traffic school; Drew T. Cook, combined with reckless driving, $198 plus state traffic school; Colbert Craft, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license, $375; Ava P. Crawford, $143 plus state traffic school; Jacob A. Jones, combined with failure to maintain insurance, $243; Djuka M. Morris, combined with careless driving, $173 plus state traffic school; Emily S. Ruebier, combined with license to be in possession, $143 plus state traffic school. No insurance – Aaron Garcia, $643.

Misdemeanors Water skiing in prohibited area – Ricky C. Reynolds, 255 Old Clifton Road, combined with non-approved/insufficient/no personal float and operating a boat/watercraft under influence of alcohol, $475.50. Falsely reporting an incident – Precious M. Smith, Danville, combined with no operator’s license in possession, $360.50. Making false statement to obtain increase of benefit – Matthew S. Routt, address unavailable, $230.50 Possession of controlled substance, second-degree – Lucas D. Wilson, 156 Bell Avenue, combined with public intoxication (controlled substance), $235.50 plus six months probated for two years. Unauthorized use of motor vehicle – Brenda C. Ellis, address unavailable, combined with no operator’s/moped license, $235.50 plus eight days with credit. Fleeing or evading police, second-degree – Jeffery A. Meyer, 406 Ryne Court, combined with speeding, disregarding stop sign and operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license, $308.50 plus 22 days with 22 days credit. Police Reports Versailles police responded to two vehicle accidents involving injuries, 17 non-injury accidents, issued one citation/summons and made two arrests. On June 15 at 11:48 a.m., a Nissan Rogue driven by Wayne M. Raider, 53, of 8804 Troy Pike, was westbound in the driving lane of the Kroger parking lot and struck pedestrian K.R. Leukulic, 56, of Schuykill, Pa. Raider told police he saw her leave the store, stop, then continue, walking in front of him. Leukulic told police she exited the store and had stopped to look for her car to her right when she was struck. She was taken to UK Chandler Hospital. Police say inattention on the part of Raider caused the accident. On June 20 at 1:15 p.m., a three-vehicle accident sent a Lawrenceburg woman to UK Chandler Hospital. (See photo on this page.) On June 24, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident in an Industry Drive parking lot that damaged a Cadillac DeVille. On June 24, a Midway home was reported vandalized and burglarized, with $600 in damage reported to a door and window frame. On June 24, third-degree criminal trespassing was reported at the Circle K on Yellow Jacket Drive. On June 24, harassment (no physical contact) was reported at a home on High Street. On June 24, police issued a citation/summons on North Main Street for trafficking in marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and third-degree possession of a controlled substance. On June 21, police made an arrest at a home on Kilmer Drive for violation of a Kentucky EPO. On June 20, a counterfeit $100 bill was reported at a grocery store on North Winter Street. On June 21, harassing communications were reported at a home on Emerson Drive. On June 18, $448.43 in fraudulent use of a credit card was reported at a home on Bowmar Street. On June 22, a counterfeit $20 bill with the words “for motion picture use only” was reported at a home on Altamont Court. On June 21, a PTO drive for a Batwing mower worth $1,500 was reported stolen on Germany Road. On June 22, a Toyota Corolla was reported leaving the scene of an accident on I-64 East. On June 19, a Kentucky EPO was reported violated at a home on Clifton Road. On June 18, $10 worth of Buprenorphine was reported stolen from a home on Wooldridge Lane. On June 17, a citation was issued at a home on Aiken Road for third-degree criminal trespassing. On June 18, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident at the intersection of Lexington Road and Shannon Run Road. Fire Reports City Firefighters made 27 EMS assists during the past week. On June 18, they made a good intent call on Pine Grove Road. On June 20, they responded to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Lexington and Locust streets and another at the intersection of the U.S. 60 Bypass and Crossfield Drive, a smoke detection activation but no fire on Lexington Road, and an unauthorized burn on Tyrone Pike.

County Firefighters made three EMS assists during the past week. On June 19, they responded to a smoke alarm on Bunton Road and a false alarm on Pinckard Pike. On June 20, they responded to a false alarm on Cummins Ferry Road. On June 21, they investigated an odor on Lexington Road, responded to vehicle accidents on Old Frankfort Pike and Midway Road, and a possible vehicle accident on Troy Pike, and checked a controlled burn on McGee Road. On June 22, they responded to a vehicle accident on I-64 East, used the jaws of life after a vehicle accident on Troy Pike, and responded to a false alarm on Lexington Road. Public Records Suits Bronwen H. Cole, et al., vs. Andrew W. Cole for support of minor child. Shelter Mutual Insurance Company vs. unknown, et al., for damages, costs, attorney fees and expenses related to July 2017 motor vehicle accident. Amanda Wakeman vs. David L. Arnold, et al., for damages, interests and costs related to November 2017 motor vehicle accident. Controls and Sheet Metal Inc. vs. Harold Lamb for $8,568.60 plus late fees, interest, attorney fees and court costs claimed due on a debt. Commonwealth of Kentucky, ex rel., et al., vs. Rich Kyle for support of minor child. Debbie Brumback, et al., vs. Marion Stratton, et al., for order of partition of real estate and pro-rata split of proceeds from sale.

Deeds Michael R. Burdette and Deborah A. Burdette to Molly Storie and Eric Storie, 991 East Binderton Place, $295,000. Christopher D. Simpson and Michelle Simpson to Robert Peterson and Leah Peterson, 127 East Stephens Street, Midway, $110,360.92. Michael J. Nord to Andrew William Emery and Catherine Nicole Emery, 6225 Delaney Ferry Road Extended, $420,000. Bryan Richardson, as executor of the Mark Crutchfield estate, to McDonald Properties, LLC (Carolyn McDonald, member), 199 Broadway, $126,000. Nancy Louise Lancaster Fitch, Jennifer Ann Lancaster Jarman Wyatt, Amy Carleen Lancaster Cress, Mark Cress Roy Wayne Lancaster and Amanda Perry Lancaster to Lancaster Auctions, LLC (Roy Wayne Lancaster, member), 265 North Main Street, $160,000. Brenda S. Belcher to Justin H. Fannin and Kimberly L. Fannin, 612 Hunters Ridge Drive, $185,000. Catherine Anderson to Phillip Benton Hanson and Kim Sand Hanson, 544 Will Parkway, $252,500. Vinson L. Straub and Meribeth Straub to Peter Carey and Emily Brandi Carey, 130 Maple Street, $225,000. Christine Warren and Bryan Warren to Jacob D. Blanford, 4036 Greentree Road, $335,000. Avo Kiviranna to Patrick Neal Banta Jr. and Tara Marie Banta, 212 Cottage Grove, Midway, $232,000. Cathy Ann Slatten Dunn and Mark Dunn to Douglas A. Hurt and Buddy L. Hurt, an undivided one-half interest in 80.89 acres on Scotts Ferry Road, $235,000. Denice Renae Duncan, as trustee of the Mary Beatty Duncan trust and as executor of the Mary Beatty Duncan estate, to Joshua Roger Vance, 236 Stourbridge Court, $298,000. James Crowe to Katrina Brothers and Selina Lane, 5030 McCracken Pike, other consideration. Matthew Jacob Payne to CRW Property, LLC (Stepan Leskiv, sole member), 432 Wilson Avenue, $75,000. G & K Motor Sports, Inc. (Galen D. Young, president) to Elizabeth Ann Pleasant and Johnathan Shane Pleasant, 2025 Elmwood Drive, $70,000.

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