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August 11, 1898… Teddy Roosevelt has been censured by Secretary Alger because he had the temerity to write that his Rough Riders were three times as good as any of the National Guardsmen, and thus should be sent to Puerto Rico. Major General Joseph Breckinridge, who was at the front at Santiago, says that Gen. Shafter’s demand for the surrender of the city was a successful and gigantic bluff and it worked because the news of Sampson and Schley’s naval victory had just been told to the defending Spaniards. Miss Anna Johnson opened the third term of her school at Millville with 23 scholars on hand. M/M J.W. Seller left Versailles last week for Louisville, their future home. Mr. Seller is engaged in the Van B. Nelson Clothing Co. and is also a partner in the firm. Major James W. Blackburn, of Washington, is here to spend the month of August with the family of his father, Capt. James Blackburn. He is a member of the law firm of Blackburn & Blackburn, who are building up a good business in the nation’s capitol. Mrs. Milton P. Craig and Miss Mary, left this week for Kansas City to join Mr. Craig and hereafter reside. That city may congratulate itself for having drawn many men and women from Woodford over the past 30 years to be residents there. The famous thoroughbred stallion, King Alfonso, 26, died a few days ago in Woodford County. This was a fine racehorse, but a better sire. Among his produce were Foxhall, Fonso, Grenada, Katie Creel, Olivette, Bayidere and others. City Council on Tuesday elected Prof. William E. Williams, of Falmouth, as principal of the public school in place of Prof. Buffington, who declined to accept. Prof. Buffington had accepted, had been introduced to the citizens, and had also rented a house here before accepting another position. James H. Stevenson, 47, Deputy Sheriff of Woodford County, died Sunday of cancer at the home of his sister, Mrs. Sallie G. Jesse. He was a most popular man and was a famous fox hunter. (Another account lists his age as 48 and his sister as Mrs. John H. Jesse of near Pisgah. He was serving a second term as deputy sheriff and would undoubtedly been elected sheriff next time out.) August 5, 1920… Mr. Reed,of Richmond, has rented the corner room in the I.O.O.F building, formerly occupied by the A.C. Pettit Co., and will apparently open a drug store there soon. Woodford County, according to the 1920 census, has a population of 11,784, which is a decrease of 887 from the 1910 census figure of 12,671. The Clipper solidly endorses Hon. J. Campbell Cantrill for reelection as Congressman from the Ashland district, which he has represented for several terms. All telephone subscribers are urged to attend a mass meeting at the Courthouse on Aug. 14 in an attempt to break the deadlock between Fiscal Court and the Fayette Home Telephone Co. The company wants a rate increase and refused to bid on renewing the franchise without the increase. Fiscal Court demands a freeze on the rates. Next step is either agreement or removal of the poles and wires from the right-of-way. Sen. Johnson N. Camden, it was announced Monday, gave Nancy Lee, the maid of his family, $1,000 as a reward for 20 years faithful service. Camden and his family gathered at Nancy’s home for the occasion. Some 250 persons were present to congratulate Samuel C. Nuckols Sr. and Mrs. Lou Ella Nuckols on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary Wednesday night. Their children, Louis A. Nuckols and wife of Roanoke, Virginia; Claude E. Nuckols and wife and five children of Albanv, New York; Robert Gay and wife, and Miss Lida Marie Nuckols assisted in entertaining. The Bell Farm, near town, has long been known as a delightful country home situated on the shady northern bank of the famous Elkhorn Creek. But a decided drawback has always been the rough lane by which it is approached. The present owner, E.E. Offutt, has remedied this condition with a good road to the place, which he has named “Walnut Hill.” George B. Cannon son of M/M W.L. Cannon, of Midway, has won a Walworth watch fob from the Walworth Manufacturing Co. in Massachusetts for receiving the highest percentage in a sales contest for the firm. Mr. Johnson and family, who have been occupying the Lyons residence on Railroad Street for several months, left Monday to make their home in Dayton, Ohio. Field McLeod, a nephew, was appointed executor of the estate of the late W.W. Field. The new motor supply store and garage of M.M. Allan, opposite the Baptist church in Versailles on North Main, is now open for business. Robert Edger is in charge. The Versailles Ice Company has raised its prices from 50 cents to 60 cents, when ice books are bought in advance, and 70 cents, where cash is paid on purchase. Cline G. McCauley, 43, died Saturday night after a lengthy illness. He was a member of the Christian church at Mortonsville and leaves a wife, who was Miss Maude Dale, and two sons, Floyd and Charles; three brothers, Dr. W.C., Gentry and Worth McCauley. Services were conducted at his home near Troy and burial was in the Versailles Cemetery.

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