• By McKenzie Ames Humane Education Coordinator

Finding the right pet for your home

Are you thinking about getting a new pet? There are a lot of important questions to ask yourself before you decide to adopt. Do you want a dog or a cat? Do you want a young or an older animal? If you have kids, do your kids like animals? Do you travel often? How much time do you have to devote to a pet each day? How much money are you able to put toward their care? All pets require your time and attention, but they have different needs and habits that might help you choose which one fits your lifestyle best. Cats, compared to dogs, are more self-sufficient. Cats bathe themselves. Dogs do not. Humans potty-train dogs; most cats are born with an instinct to use a litter box. Dogs also require daily walks and exercise, whereas cats can play at home to wear off energy. Most dogs need obedience training and generally require more human attention than cats. If work requires it, you might have a long day away from home every now and then. If you have a dog, it’s more than likely crated during that time. If a dog is trained properly, he/she can really enjoy his/her kennel. It becomes their own little den where they feel safe and secure. With that being said, if you regularly work long hours, a puppy might not be the best choice. Puppies and kittens require much more time and patience than an adult dog or cat. If you are busy, work long days, or just want to relax when you get home, an adult animal would most likely be the better option for you and the pet. If your children are not familiar with animals, a docile cat might be a better option. While they are usually just playing, certain dogs can be too rowdy for children. Dogs like to lick, jump, bark, and run around, which could scare your child if they aren’t used to it. No matter what pet you decide on, it is important to teach your children how to appropriately interact and behave around the pet. If money is a concern, it’s important to know that dogs are predominantly more expensive than cats. If you travel, it costs more to board a dog at a kennel than it does to board a cat. When it comes to vet expenses, dogs tend to be more expensive. Dogs also require more food and equipment. Hopefully this helps you make a confident decision when choosing your new, furry family member. Come visit us at Woodford Humane or call 859-873-5491 to learn more about our animals and who might be the best option for you and your family.

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