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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

August 25, 1898… Col. Theodore Roosevelt, of the Rough Riders, proposes to take all his men who survive the war, to the Paris exposition of 1900. The Colonel is a man of great wealth; he is charitable; he is patriotic; and he is one of the hardest fighters there is in the American army. It is a fortunate thing to be a member of that regiment. Not long before his death, England’s Gladstone was asked to speak into a phonograph a message to be heard in after years. And this was what he considered to be most important in the way of a message: “I owe my health and vigor through a long and busy life to the Sabbath day with its blessed surcease from toil.” Leaders of the Tammany Hall Democratic organization in New York are backing Admiral Dewey as their candidate for president in 1900 and hope he will take on McKinley’s effort to be reelected. Dewey is believed to be the most popular man in the nation. The cost of the war is now believed to be about $150,000,000. If this estimate is correct, the money received from sales of bonds will leave the government with a surplus of about $50,000,000. Gen. Shafter says that 23,726 Spaniards surrendered at the fall of Santiago. There are now 10,000 American troops in Manila to face possible serious trouble posed by the local insurgents. Aguinaldo has agreed to move his forces back 10 miles if his leaders are given employment with the Americans, but other rebels say they will refuse to retire and may attack Manila instead. Cpt. John Andrewe Steele will go to Chickamauga with Gov. Bradley in September, along with about 50 other Kentuckians, to dedicate the Kentucky soldiers’ monument. Hemp cutting has begun, and the crop is much below the average. The celebrated Bosque Bonita Farm, 121 acres belonging to Capt. Harry Gilmore but formerly the property of Gen. Abe Buford, was sold Monday at auction to George H. Watson, the well-known distiller and horseman, for $125 per acre. The chief of the Filipino insurgents, Aguinaldo, is 27. He proposes to assume the title shortly of President of the Philippine Republic. The late heavy rainy spell raised all the mountain streams and brought down this past week at least 100,000 logs, which simply jammed the Kentucky River. Many who work with the logs were unable to handle so many that came abreast at the same time. Aher & Sons managed to capture in their booms about 20,000, or enough to make about 8 millions feet of lumber and keep them busy for the year. At one point, logs were passing at the rate of about 250 per minute, or 15,500 per hour. It was a grand sight and several interesting photographs were made.

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