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Rain, quakes and good coworkers

Before rain finally began to fall Sunday, Central Kentucky had suffered its longest dry stretch in recorded history. Those beginning to wonder whether it would ever rain again, then, should be forgiven for wondering whether they’d be hit by an earthquake first. Wet weather skeptics in Waddy (of the famous Waddy-Peytona exit sign on I-64) wouldn’t have been far wrong. WKYT-TV reported that, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, Waddy was near the epicenter of an earthquake early Monday morning with a “preliminary” 2.4 magnitude. No word on whether the mild quake was enough to shake the “Peytona” off that exit sign. As for me, I was happy to see the precipitation, even while driving, and resisted the temptation the following day to complain, “Isn’t this rain ever going to stop?” In my television news days at one Lexington station, reporters and photographers would regularly be sent hours away to cover a sprinkling of white stuff. “Drive until you find snow!” we were ordered, so we did. At least Waddy would have been a shorter trip, though I doubt a 2.4 quake would produce such gems as, “Me and Mabel was in the kitchen when the skillet jumped off the stove and landed on the dog!” Point is, I’m glad it rained. I hope you are, too. Good coworkers and dumb luck Sun design editor Marla Carroll is one of my favorite people. Aside from being an ace at InDesign, the software we use to lay out the paper, she’s always professional, rarely flustered and infinitely patient about my deficiencies. I always feel this way about her, but especially now, as this is written at 12:09 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019. You see, I’d spent the last couple of hours furiously searching for two of the three pages of notes I’d taken at the previous evening’s Midway City Council meeting. I looked in my office, in my car, and even drove home to search for them. They weren’t in any of those places, and it’s possible bad words were muttered by yours truly. Repeatedly. The problem actually began the previous afternoon when I discovered, just before the meeting began, that I’d brought a notebook with no blank pages. I borrowed a few pages of notebook paper from Council Member Kaye Nita Gallagher, whom I sit next to, and took fairly good notes. However, this morning, when I began to write the story, I could only find the third page. While I record these meetings, it’s far more time-consuming to have to listen to lengthy segments, rather than selected portions, and I do have other things to do. So why is Marla one of my favorite people in the whole wide world? I mean, aside from her afore-mentioned qualities? She just brought down the missing notes, which were buried in a stack of articles I’d proofread, then put in her mailbox before starting the council story. I may be an absent-minded reporter, or worse, but no one can say I’m not grateful when someone throws me a lifeline, or two pages of much-needed notes. Thank you, Marla, for bringing me my notes and providing inspiration for the back half of this less-than-stellar column. See y’all next week, when I pledge to spend more time thinking and writing and less searching for notes and saying bad words when I can’t find them.

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