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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

November 17, 1898…Congressman Evan Settle was reelected by 5,212 votes. Dorsey Gilmore left Versailles Friday for Georgia, his future home. James Shelby, of Danville, has been named manager of the Blue Grass Grocery Co. at Versailles. Mr. Dineen, present proprietor, goes to Danville. Will Graddy is attending the National Fox Hunting Association meeting at Bowling Green. General Joe Wheeler was reelected to Congress from Alabama without a single vote cast against him. M/M W.A. Offutt arrived Thursday and are housekeeping in Mrs. Kate Fleming’s house on South Gratz Street. Captain S.T. Leavy has rented the Barney McLaughlin place near White Sulphur and will move there in March. Louisville is to have a 7-story $400,000 hotel on the corner of 5th and Jefferson. The hotel is to be conducted on the European plan by Louis Seelbach, for whom it is to be built by the Caldwell heirs. J. Eugene Risque offers for sale his house on Higgins Street, which includes a hen house, coal house, corn crib, stable of seven stalls, two buggy houses, summer kitchen, good dairy and cistern at the door. Plenty of grapes and fruit trees, and also a vacant lot on the same street. Col. E.T. Craig, a Woodford native born here in 1821, died last week in Gallatin, Tenn. A widower who had a 5-year-old son married a second time, and his choice was a rather plain lady of about 50. After the wedding, they came home and the father introduced her to the little fellow, saying: “Charlie, this is the new mama that I promised to bring you.” After taking a long and steady look at her, Charlie went over to his papa and exclaimed in an audible whisper, “Papa, you’ve been swindled. She ain’t new at all.” November 11, 1920… Kentucky once led the nation in hemp production but has turned to more profitable crops and relinquished the lead to Wisconsin, which cultivated half the country’s total last year, about 7,000 acres. Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and California trail Wisconsin, with Kentucky now 6th. The jailer of an eastern Kentucky county was convicted of breach of peace some time ago and jailed. He broke out of his own jail and was again sentenced. In the recent election, he won the race for County Judge and, for that reason, was pardoned by Gov. Morrow. (Letcher Co.) A meeting of Woodford farmers of the Farmer’s Union was held Saturday, with Col. Lewis Johnson as chairman and Clyde Buckley as secretary. The following scale of wages was agreed upon: by the day, without board $2; by the day, with board, $1.50; by the pound, $3 per hundred. For shucking corn, 16 hill shocks, 25 cents; 18 hill shocks, 35 cents. Nearly complete returns in Kentucky show Gov. Cox leading Sen. Harding by 4,079, while Ernst is leading Sen. Beckham by 7,543. With all but three precincts, Cox had 463,359 to Harding’s 459,359. With all but four precincts, Ernst had 463,458 and Beckham 455,915. The peace time U.S. Army will have a strength of 337,221 men, with an army corps having in it 79,966 men; an infantry division of 19,385; a cavalry division of 6,417; an artillery brigade of 3,414 and an infantry brigade of 6,153. Battles were raging in Belfast streets this week as Unionists clashed with both the police and Sinn Feiners. Several were killed by gunshots and clubs and fires were set in buildings mostly belonging to Sinn Feiners. Harding’s victory over Cox has become an avalanche, with an electoral total of 404 to 127; 37 states carried to 11; the Senate 59-37 in favor of the GOP; the House 285 to 148 in favor of the GOP. Al Smith, of New York, is the big Democrat victor even in losing. Harding carried New York by more than a million votes while Smith only lost the governor’s race to the GOP landslide by about 63,000 votes. Mrs. Annie Slack left Saturday for her new home in Louisville, having sold her home in the country recently. M/M Herman Riddle and family, who have been living on the Offutt farm, moved to the Childers property in Cogartown Tuesday. M/M Thomas Race, of Huntington, W. Va., have rented rooms from Dr. & Mrs. W.E. Sleet. Mr. Ringo, of the University of Kentucky, has been secured to coach the basketball teams at Versailles High School this season. Mr. Ringo is a cheerleader at UK and is known in Versailles as captain of the freshman team which played the YMCA team there last season. Practice begins this afternoon. Midway High School’s football team defeated a picked team of local boys 30-0 Saturday afternoon. The picked team was captained by Taylor May and included former high school boys. M/M Sam Wooldridge, Miss Jeanette Wasson, M/M Ora Moore, Jos. McDonald, W.A. Wade and Albert Wade attended this week the National Foxhunters Assoc. meeting at Crab Orchard Springs. The farm of Mrs. Susie J. Shropshire, two miles from Versailles on the Lexington Pike and containing 34 acres, was sold by the Master Commissioner Saturday for $401 per acre. To the surprise of everyone, the women’s board of education ticket (elected by the voters outside of Versailles and Midway) was badly defeated with its highest vote being 429 as against 1,514 for the men’s board ticket. The Democratic majority in Woodford in the president’s race was 1,079, nearly three times as much as ever before. Gus Sellers was tried in county court Saturday, charged with breach of peace in annoying ladies. He was fined $50 and costs and required to leave the county within 24 hours. He paid and left. A new barbershop was opened Monday in the Miller building in Versailles by J.T. Baker, who has been in the same business here with other firms. A new tire and welding firm, Weatherford & Campbell, opened for business in the Granducci building on Rose Hill.

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