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Too Soon The happiest Christmases, your memory imparts, are the times with your children, when they are just tots. Delight in their wonder, the magic make real, for the years quickly pass, and their absence you’ll feel. Answer their questions, with wisdom and choice, tradition will follow, a cause to rejoice. Cherish each moment, before they depart, their eyes full of wonder, you’ll hold in your heart. As the children keep growing, and time marches on, treasure each Christmas, for too soon they’re gone. So hang well the stockings, give light to the tree, wrap all the presents, and let them see... The footprints that Santa, makes in the snow, the saucer of cookies, that he loves so. Then while there’s still time, and love is the bond, let us never forget, for they’re too soon gone. Sue Thompson Versailles Some history to consider Editor, The Sun: In 1989, a book titled “After The Ball” was published by two gay college professors in which they detailed what became a kind of “Master Plan” for completely reversing the prevailing view of homosexuality in America. The Cliff Notes version is that by portraying homosexuals not as reprobates but as victims of bigotry, hate, and discrimination, they could transform the nation into one that would celebrate what it previously condemned. Quite a trick, if you think about it. And it worked – “fabulously” if you will. America – and the world – bought it. Every last morsel of it. So, having won that battle, they’ve moved on. Now, we have a new twist with “transgenderism” – men who insist they’re women, and vice versa, despite the entirety of human history that knows nothing of the sort. And the rest of us are required to nod in obedient agreement, or be shamed. Part of this overall intimidation program is outlawing “discrimination” against those who insist they are something they clearly aren’t. And it leads to a logical question: Where does this insanity stop? It doesn’t. G.K. Chesterton said it best: When people stop believing in God, they don’t thereafter believe nothing; rather, they believe anything. Jack Webb Woodford County Against county Fairness Ordinance Editor, The Sun: I’m sorry to hear that Woodford County is next on the list to be badgered into passing a Fairness Ordinance. Even though Kentucky HB279 “prohibits the government from substantially burdening a person’s freedom of religion,” this is merely a qualified protection that can grow increasingly weak as more ordinances like this create deep community divides. One of the reasons I object to the Fairness Ordinance is that it is misnamed. First of all, it only identifies a limited number of sexual orientations that will receive protections. Secondly, by claiming to create more “fairness” it sets people of different ideologies against each other so that fairness will now be centered around sexual orientation rather than freedom of association or freedom of conscience. This will eventually create more room for people who want to legally harass business people who are prepared to deliver every service except those services that have sexual orientation content. Up till lately, our laws have been flexible enough to preserve a pluralism that does not make owning a business or practicing your profession contingent on your willingness to participate in speech contrary to your beliefs. Fairness ordinances take us down a more authoritarian, even puritanical path. The way some people of faith have denounced other religious people for not supporting the fairness ordinance would lead you to think that tearing down barriers is, in and of itself, the highest good under which all other virtues should be ordered. Tearing down barriers sounds good when we think only of discrimination in housing or employment for LGBTQ people. But when these ordinances are applied to making doctors provide hormone treatment to minors against best medical advice, or to making t-shirt printers print messages that violate their conscience, we see how quickly this can become a problem that is not only divisive but that can be weaponized against any people whose particular faiths happen to be considered objectionable. This kind of fairness actually can be used to exploit divisions that already exist within the LGBTQ community itself. I’m not unsympathetic to the stories of oppressed people. But the more we base legal protections on oppressed status rather than equal status under the law, the more we will feel justified in taking out our insecurities and grudges against people because of their lack of conformity to our changing cultural whims. Miriam Tucker Woodford County

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