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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

January 12, 1899… The legislature elects Kentucky’s U.S. Senators and Joe Blackburn, after serving a long time as Senator, was not reelected this last time. The New York World says that Joe was “a true Kentucky gentleman; he knew the difference between moonshine and old Bourbon, between a four flush and five hearts, between a colt out of Longfellow and one sired by Lamplighter, between a Welsh rarebit and a plate of fried cheese, and he knew other things. He knew that Jack Chinn, apart from being adept at getting the horses off all together, was a good politician and a skilled manipulator. Unfortunately, however, Joe pinned his entire faith on Chinn and expected him to exert more influence than he really commanded with the Kentucky Legislators. The result was that Chinn failed to make good and Blackburn was not returned to the Senate. He has hopes, however, of being chosen to succeed Lindsay to once again become a member of the U.S. Senate.” New Zealand was one of the first countries to engage in the frozen meat trade. In 1882, some 40,000 sheep were shipped from that colony, while at the present time over 2.5 million sheep and lambs are exported annually. The gentlest bull that ever lived should not be trusted. He may live to an old age and do no harm, but he cannot be trusted safely. It is born in him to be inclined toward ugliness and treachery. Put big knobs on his horns, not the ordinary small ones, but such as are two inches in diameter. Put a ring in his nose and never take him from his stanchion without fastening to this ring a staff. With this he cannot get away nor charge upon his keeper. The state political campaign is opening with considerable interest on the Democratic side. Candidates for governor include William Goebel of Kenton, P.W. Hardin of Mercer, and W.J. Stone of Lyon County. On account of the heavy rains over the past three days, the Kentucky River is higher than it has been for years. The gauge shows a rise of 50 feet. Thousands of logs are on their way to the large lumber mills at Ford, Valley View and High Bridge, but several booms have broken loose in the swift current and damage to fencing and corn crops along the river will be great. Hon. and Mrs. Henry L. Martin have gone to New Orleans to spend the winter.· Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Viley will also spend some time in New Orleans. A subscriber found a spider in his newspaper. The reader was superstitious. He wrote to the editor asking whether or not it was a bad omen. The editor said the spider was merely looking through the columns of the paper to see which merchants were not advertising, so that he would know what door to spin his web over without fear of disturbance. The Midway public school building for colored students will be dedicated on Jan. 13. Sunday was the 84th anniversary of the battle of New Orleans, “Old Hickory’s” most brilliant military achievement in two wars with Great Britain. History tells of the effective services rendered by Kentucky riflemen in this remarkable engagement. Citizens Bank of Midway shows resources of $189,126 and deposits of $121,453. John A. Steele is cashier and Messrs. T.M. Parrish, M.D. Offutt and H.C. Poynter signed the statement as directors. The Court of Appeals has decided that the law is constitutional which makes the third sentence to a penitentiary a life sentence if the two previous convictions are noted in the indictment. A Lexington man, sent up for a shooting, has previously been convicted of house­breaking and of shooting a policeman. December of 1898 saw more snow, cold and bad weather than has been seen in these parts since 1880. There were 13 inches of snow in the month, which followed heavy snows in November. January 13, 1921… Richardson is mayor; Offutt is treasurer, Godsor is police judge; Lacefield is cemetery supt.; Osborne is marshal; J.V. Yocum is city auditor; Murray, Sutton and Arnett are councilmen; Brown is fire chief. R.W. Lacefield was a granted permit to erect a modern frame bungalow on lot on Winter Street. Ed Crawford was granted permit to erect a frame storeroom on a lot on Gratz Street. Tom Lyons, W.C. Morris, S.C. Reid, S.L. Gatrell received soft drink licenses from the city; A.B. Tilford, E.S. Race, Ed Crawford, Leslie Scott got restaurant and soft drink licenses; Dan Adams and A.B. Arnett got butcher and soft drink licenses; Bart Graves got poolroom and soft drink licenses and Childers Bros. got poolroom and public hall licenses. Clay Darnell, Midway, recently purchased the residence property of the late Mrs. Mary Poynter, on the corner of Bruen and Turner streets, for $4,500. Dr. Charles F. Voight, Dr. W.E. Sleet and Dr. W.E. Risque seem to have the medical practice in Midway. Among the roads accepted this week for state maintenance are the Frankfort-Versailles Pike, eight miles in Woodford County and five miles in Franklin Co. In Versailles, the Boys’ Club of the YMCA has now grown to 20 members and the basketball team defeated Paris YMCA 17-6 last week. Members of the team are Joe Lynn Gooch, Russell Duncan, Marion Austin, Mac Brown, Eugene Kirk, John Farra and Willie Wilkins. Mr. and Mrs. Lister Witherspoon’s home is called “Loto Wana.” Lexington Herald says, “The marriage of Miss Mildred Taylor, Lexington, to George Dunlap, Woodford Co., was solemnized Thursday afternoon in Seattle at the home of Miss Taylor’s uncle, Evan McChord. Mr. Dunlap and his bride left for California and will then go to New Orleans. They are expected to return to Lex­ington within a few weeks. She is a daughter of the late George William Taylor, Clark Co., and she and her mother, Mrs. Mary McChord Taylor, are residents of Lexington. The bride is a University of Kentucky girl and a leading member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She is a sister of Mrs. Albert Shouse. In Versailles, the garage of B.P. White, the old Boston place, burned Monday night with the loss of an auto. J. Amsden & Co. has declared a 12 percent annual dividend, Harris-Seller 4 percent and Woodford Bank 6 percent, the latter two semi-annual. A comfortable sum was added to the surplus of each bank. Farmers Bank of Mortonsville declared semi-annual dividend of 5 percent. Judge Mulcahy and Fiscal Court reported the financial condition in the county as good, the road fund being the only one behind. It was announced that the state would take over the Frankfort-Lexington Pike on Jan. 10. The jail was adjudged in bad shape and Judge Ed Mulcahy, County Road Engineer Edwards and Jailer Edger were appointed to have repairs made at once. The tobacco growers are viewing the situation with grave apprehension, but are determined to make the best of it. At a mass meeting in Versailles, short talks were made by F.M. McKee, Louis Marshall, A.C. Hunter, Theodore Harris, C.B. Sullivan, J. Nathan Elliott and W. Irvin Arnold. L.A. Railey, Dr. J.D. Neet and W.B. Cogar reported resolutions to send delegates to the Lexington meeting and for a cut out of all tobacco crops for 1921. They were adopted unanimously and McKee, Bolivar Bond, Cogar, D.E. Mulholland and Neet were appointed delegates.

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