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Praise for Vizi Editor, The Sun: A letter of appreciation for Woodford Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Don Vizi as he leaves for Virginia. Don Vizi took over what I would call “a mess” in 2012: a Woodford County Chamber and Tourist Commission, in debt, without a leader, no money, no staff, and in a terrible location for attracting tourists. Only a few Chamber members and very little support from the community. As chair of the Woodford County Volunteer Workgroup during these years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Don Vizi. We didn’t always agree on opportunities good for Woodford County, or on how to spend tourism money, but I always found Don to be supportive when he could be. Don has accomplished much in his eight-plus years (see Sun article of Dec. 31 about Vizi stepping down as the Chamber’s executive director). Thank you, Don, for your years of service to and for Woodford County and for events such as the Twilight Festival and others. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you. Good luck in your new job in Virginia. Come back for a visit, and oh yeah, thanks for helping us get our Holiday Inn. Now we have money and overnight tourists – and a tourism director. Yeah! Lillie Cox Woodford County volunteer Praise for Woodford School Board members Editor, The Sun: January is School Board Recognition Month, so it is a great time to appreciate the members of the Woodford County Board of Education for their hard work. The members of the Board of Education are elected by the people and are responsible for our community’s most precious resource and the key to its future – our children and their educational opportunities. The Woodford County Board of Education is comprised of the following individuals: Ambrose Wilson IV (Chairperson, District 1), Allison Richardson (District 2), Debby Edelen (Vice-Chairperson, District 3), Sherri Springate (District 4), and Dani Bradley (District 5). Board members may choose to serve the community in this way to ensure Woodford County is poised to meet the future with a highly educated workforce, to support the belief that public education plays a vital role in creating a better Commonwealth for all citizens, or for countless other reasons. Woodford County Board members serve with minimal compensation and maximum effort. Board members spend ample time preparing for meetings, and state law requires members to obtain training on finance, charter schools, ethics, leadership and other topics. Additionally, when changes are made at the state level, such as new graduation requirements, school Board members look at their policies and budget to decide how to meet the new requirements. Most importantly, Board members are members of the community; they must always be prepared to answer questions about district operations, whether those questions come at the grocery store or at a public meeting. It’s my hope that the people in our community will take a few moments this month to thank our Board members and to learn more about the work they do. Board members bear the tremendous responsibility of ensuring the long-term success of our school system and of our community’s children. We’re grateful for their dedication. Scott Hawkins Woodford County Public Schools Superintendent

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