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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

April 20, 1899… E.W. Lee, who returned from Atlanta Saturday, says fewer mules were sold in the south this winter than for several years. This was due to the very low price of cotton. The price was so low, in fact, that much cotton was actually not gathered (Danville Advocate). If you waken some cold morning and find your garden plants covered with frost, get out your watering pot filled with cold water and sprinkle every plant that is likely to be injured. Be sure you do the sprinkling before the sun gets up and melts the frost. The historic wooden leg which Gen. Santa Anna lost on the battlefield at Cerro Gordo over half a century ago may be sent back to Mexico. The limb was carried home by Illinois soldiers and for many years had been one of the interesting relics in Memorial Hall at the state capitol. A movement was recently started among “grand army” men to restore the limb to surviving relatives of the famous Mexican soldier, President Diaz, of the Republic of Mexico, has been communicated with and has expressed his cordial approval of the project. A very warm three-way race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination exists among Hon. William Goebel, Hon. P. Wat Hardin and Hon. W.J. Stone. Booker T. Washington, noted negro educator, has stated that the negroes in the south should not continue to oppose the white man and his politics by always voting Republican, no matter what. Washington urges his fellow negroes to abandon the idea that the only way to succeed is to oppose everything put forth by Southern white men. Washington says there are thousands of white Democrats in North Carolina who are better friends to the negro than the Republican governor, who has no power to protect the negro, anyway. He adds that white men can protect the negro race if the negro ceases to continually and forever oppose them. The first snow of the past winter was on Oct. 6 and the last on April 4, lacking six months by only two days. On May 4, the heirs of the late Mrs. N.E. Pepper will sell at public auction the farm, Faun Leap, 257 acres on the Versailles and Midway Pike, one-half mile from Midway. Biblical measurements concerning distances – a day’s journey was about 23.20 miles, a Sabbath day’s journey was about one English mile, Ezekiel’s reed was nearly 11 feet, a cubit was nearly 22 inches, a hand’s breadth was equal to 3-5/8 inches and finger’s breadth was equal to about an inch. Concerning money – a shekel of silver was about 50 cents, a shekel of gold was $8, a talent of silver was $538.30, a talent of gold was $13,809, a piece of silver, or a penny, was 13 cents, a farthing was 3 cents, a mite was less than a quarter of a cent and a gerah was one cent. Liquid measurements – an ephan, or bath, contained 7 gallons and 5 pints, a hin was one gallon and two pints, a firkin was about 8-7/8 gallons, an omer was six pints and a cab was three pints. Jake Greenbaum left Saturday for Exeter, Pennsylvania, where he has accepted a position in a large distilling house. The room in the Johnson building, adjoining the Blue Grass Grocery, is being repaired and fitted up for L. Epstein who will occupy it as a dry goods store. By the death of his father, Augustus Payne, Samuel H. Payne inherits 287 shares of bank stock and 556 acres of land. He is married to Miss Laura Hamilton of Georgetown. Sidney L. Benham, of Florida, has purchased the grocery stock of T.P. Davis. April 21, 1921… Midway High School formed an alumni organization this week with Nellie Lacefield as president, Mrs. Fred Wehrle as vice president, Miss Lelia Nave secretary, and Miss Nancy Lunsford treasurer. Lillie Childers, Esther Epstein and Lee Osborne were named to the Constitution Committee. Misses Routh Clarke, Margaret Merrill, Frances Lacefield, Susan Peffer, Henrietta Moore and Mary Smith are other members. The Board of Education Monday unanimously reelected the present faculty, which includes Supt. F.V. McChesney, Principal Miss Susan Peffer, Mrs. Fred Wehrle, Mrs. Stella Davis, Mrs. Jennie Clarke, Mrs. J.A. Brannock, Misses Henrietta Moore, Sue W. Davis, Sallie Pates and Lelia Nave. A dance at Margaret Hall Monday night was led by Harvey Edwards and Miss Mattie Cary. Judge William S. Berry has announced as a candidate for mayor of Versailles. Leonard Sowards is a candidate for jailer of Woodford County.

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