• Jonn McGary, Woodford Sun Editor

Some residents displeased with MetroNet

Some folks aren’t happy with the way MetroNet workers are carrying out their duties. In a little less than five business days last week, county officials received complaints about Spectrum service being disconnected and contractors working well after dark, not wearing protective masks or gloves and gathering in groups. Judge-Executive James Kay mentioned the problems during the April 14 meeting of Woodford Fiscal Court, and the Sun reached out to Keith Leonhardt, MetroNet’s vice president of customer experience. The complaints were made to Magistrate William Downey, County Attorney Alan George and Kay’s office – but, according to Leonhardt, apparently not to the company via the construction tab on their website (metronetinc.com), or their local phone number (859) 785-1107. “We weren’t finding those types of complaints or concerns logged in there, (but) we do want to learn more about that … and make sure our construction teams are managing the subcontracted crews carefully …” he said. In regards to the allegation of workers not observing social distancing guidelines, Leonhardt said many of the crews are living together. “They are a contracted crew, they may be from out of town, and in essence, are all functioning together as a family unit. So that may appear confusing – they look like (they are) kind of violating the social distancing order …” he said. Of the Spectrum disconnection claims, Leonhardt said unlike utility lines, the location of the buried lines of other internet or cable providers aren’t documented, and there is sometimes inadvertent damage to those lines. “What often happens … is when we’re notified, we immediately help to make notification to the other provider so they can fix their line. In some cases, we’re authorized to repair that ourselves if we see that it happened while we’re there,” he said. As for the claim that contractors were working in a back yard at 9:15 p.m. and that one of them said they’d continue to work until 11 p.m. and beyond, Leonhardt said he was unaware of the allegation, but would look into it. The following day, he emailed to say he’d checked with the MetroNet’s Versailles construction manager about “any conditions that would have our crews working past dark. All of our team and our subcontractors are on strict guidelines to wrap up work by sunset. Our government and community relations liaison, Kris Smith, learned that the complaint you mentioned hasn’t provided any specifics regarding location and preferred to stay anonymous. Without any other details to track, I’m afraid I’m limited on any other follow-up on this.” Leonhardt reiterated that the best way to get a quick response to a comment or complaint was to go to the company’s website or call the construction hotline number. On the website, photos can be attached, and the company responds to 99 percent of complaints within 24 hours, he said. “ … If we upset people or seem unresponsive to something as we are building this network, we are obviously going to damage our ability to have a good relationship with them as a customer later, so we take that very seriously,” Leonhardt said. Leonhardt referred the Sun to Versailles Public Works Director Bart Miller, the city’s liaison with the company. Miller said, “The few concerns that we’ve had, I’ve contacted Kris Smith and they’ve taken care of the problem each time. … They’ve been very responsive …”


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