• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Plans for church’s parking lot reviewed

Construction plans for a parking lot at 280 A.P. Indy Lane, which will increase parking for Church of God of Prophecy, was reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) during a Zoom meeting May 19. The plans were forwarded to the City of Versailles Public Works Department after being reviewed by TRC. A grading permit will be issued after a letter of approval is received from the city, Planning Director Pattie Wilson said. The 23-space parking lot is located near the church on the corner of Wilson Avenue and Laval Heights. The plan also shows a future 450 square-foot church gathering facility on the .51-acre lot. Mary Beth Robson, JRW consulting engineer for the City of Versailles, told project engineer John Hunt that he might want to consider a rain garden or other alternative to handle the site’s limited storm water runoff instead of constructing a detention basin. “That might be more cost-effective also,” said Wilson. In response to a Robson question, Hunt said he would look into adding a crosswalk for people walking to and from the parking lot if it’s needed. Ricardo’s parking Construction plans for a new paved parking lot at Ricardo’s Restaurant on Frankfort Street was forwarded to the City of Versailles Public Works Department. After an approval letter has been received, a grading permit will be issued. Consolidation plat A minor consolidation plat for 7038 and 7040 Troy Pike will create one 10-acre lot and allow Kevin D. and Tamara F. Patsey to construct a home on the current property line, Wilson said. The plat was reviewed by TRC and forwarded to the planning commission chair for approval. Planning office Wilson said the planning office will begin accepting major plats and development plans June 1. “These would still be items that do not require public hearings,” she explained. “They will be sent to the planning commission, and the planning commission will have a public meeting, but no public hearings.” That will allow projects, including a development plan from Woodford Reserve and Joe Gay’s plat for storage buildings on Tyrone Pike, to continue moving forward because public hearings are not required for those requests, Wilson said.

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